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Death, be gentle

Death, one thing very one is scared off and ultimately attain it whether they like it or not. But when it hits it leaves a trail of memories behind in few peoples life, death makes few people happy and a few sad. 493 more words


Ghosts of Christmases Past

This time of year can bring a flood of emotions for anyone. Mostly happy ones, I hope, but if you’ve lost a loved one it can bring back so many memories that you suffer times of  incredible sadness too.  481 more words



Source: Ressurection by VanthMithra on DeviantArt

She put on the music and closed her eyes. The cello sang out to her and she pressed her fingers to her mouth. 2,170 more words


Death... it hurts.

Death breaks everything.

It can break laughter. It can break pain. It can break the silly idleness of life. Like worrying about having to get up early in the morning or stressing about doing laundry the next day. 355 more words


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming 

It is almost impossible for me to wrap my mind (forget my heart) around the fact that Dad has been gone for 6 months today. I can convince myself for a while that he’s gone away on a trip or something, because usually over the last 10 years at least 6 months would go by without us seeing him. 446 more words


NaNoWriMo 2015

I’m not going to make my 50K goal this year, Gentle Reader, and I’m okay with that.  Since my mother died May 2014, I have had problems writing and reading for pleasure.   88 more words


A Year Ago, Today

A year ago my younger brother had passed away. It’s a 24 hour span of time that I recall so vividly. Every detail, despite the cloudiness from shock and all the emotions that came with it, I can recall every detail from that day. 928 more words