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Ariana Grande Suspends World Tour Following Bombing

The world was shaken last night when a bomb went off following an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, United Kingdom. The star tweeted…

from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry.

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We are just bones.
Bones and blood,
cells living,

We are just
skin and
arms and

Pieces puzzled together
to make us people. 120 more words


To Miss Is Human

Sometimes we just miss people that once were a strong part of our lives and now and forever will be missing. To miss them is human. 384 more words


Dear people of Manchester, people of the world

Walking past the TV at work, the breaking news flashed up.

I have been nursing sadness for a few hours. Telling myself ‘no point weeping’. 758 more words


I won't delete your number

I was scrolling through my phone, and I saw your name.  The moment of memory, and happy, and sad that kicks you in the gut all at once.  240 more words

What Does Grief Feel Like?

I was asked, in not so many words, what grief feels like by a person who had never been impacted by the loss of someone so close to him or her. 336 more words

Losing my dad at 30 years old.

I never thought the day would come so fast where I had to sit next to my mom in all white and funeralize my father. But that day came on 4/25/2017. 281 more words