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The Mouse Chronicles...Volume I

After a long hard day at the Mall, Mouse finds herself dropped in ANOTHER DIMENSION! ¬†What’s a fashionable slayer to do? 117 more words


Just a bit blue

Okay NOT REALLY, just practicing my click bait, though I’ll never be a master… I just liked the combo of this outfit. Hope you like it too. 74 more words


Oh look another blog post

Look at me, blogging again. Just more things I like and some of them rediscovered in my inventory (I’m supposed to be cleaning it). Awesome mesh jeans, an excellent texture top, all the other stuff. 92 more words


It's that time. Dark Mouse Closing.

So I guess I’ve been writing this post in my head for a while now, but it’s finally time to announce that I’ve decided to close my store, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair. 265 more words


just stumbling along at Dark Mouse

Hi there my friends, I’ve got a new release for Stumblebum, a cute necklace with a color change stone. Just touch the stone to match your outfit! 27 more words


And the theme is...Earth Rebirthed at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

So I’m in Project Themeory this week, and I made simple pendant necklace, with a branch w/leaves & berries preserved inside, to bring to mind things that should be saved/reused. 37 more words


Etheria 2.. Where Jewelers Dream of Painted Ladies.

Ah. Etheria . I loved it last year. This is round two. It’s an event where a clothing designer pairs up with a jewelry maker and somehow this wondrous thing happens and they create a dream together. 160 more words