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A hollow vessel

shoved to

the rim

with damp cloths

old twigs,

shiny metal,

love notes

all drenched

in a stench

of sadness.

I am a mouse… 34 more words



Once the angels and the demons had a gruesome war. Thousands of years passed but it did not reach any conclusion.

Later on they went to God to let him decide who the winner is. 441 more words

Moral Story

Chester The Mouse Is No More

I first noticed the dark colored mouse as it ran across the sink and jumped behind the stove. I thought my (retired mouser) cat Ema and I had imagined it until my son winessed almost the same scene the following day. 2,491 more words


Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 373

A language which is not a first or primary language may prove challenging to learn. But it can be mastered where the desire to learn, know, and understand exists. 9 more words


Two new BEAUTIFUL girls!

Our two new mice arrived today and I almost cried upon seeing them…guys, they are perfection :) <3

We haven’t 100% decided on their names yet, but we have two 11 week old girls, a solid white with black eyes (these are very hard to come by and this little girl is a stunner) and an almost solid black, with a small splash of white on her belly – again, truly beautiful. 149 more words


Another Caturday Post

This little furball was my first cat. I had lived with others, but he was the first one that was truly my own. Ferocious, huh? 856 more words

There is no karma in chaos

Who knew mice could swim? Not well, mind you, but some are definitely better than others.

We were living in a semi-rural neighbourhood when we owned a pool, so there were mice. 310 more words