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Cartoon blog day 33: Moustache

Do you remember the movie FIGHT CLUB from 1999?

Like most young men I was obsessed with this movie. After The Matrix (the first movie) this was the movie which made me understand that there is more to a movie than what you see on the screen. 187 more words

Daily Cartoons

Woah, We're Halfway There...

So, like the title suggests, we’re at the halfway point of Movember and it seemed to be just about the right time to give you all a little update on my progress. 541 more words


So, who is The Pissed Off Barber and why should we care?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
12 November 2018

Let’s be clear, I have no bloody clue who is behind the Nicholas Cage Eagle-haired persona, but if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about then you should really check out his… 759 more words


Movember Mani Challenge

Hiya! I have a quick manicure to share with you before I hit the sack. I did this for a Movember challenge.

On my index and middle fingers, I’m wearing one coat of Cirque Colors Urbanized. 162 more words


So, why are beards so popular?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
16 October 2018

Have you been wondering why beards are invading the faces of so many men?

Well the psychology of it apparently goes back to the financial crash, a lot of people lost their jobs, so this clearly included a lot of men losing their jobs. 651 more words

Hair Care

So, no one taught you how to shave?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
09 October 2018

Okay, so maybe someone attempted to show you but here is how you really get that perfect shave! It’s all in the preparation. 348 more words