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Veronica Lets A Man Die

Veronica Palmer likes to think of herself as a good person.  Sure, there are days when she wishes she could be more patient with her children, more proactive when it comes to her spending habits, and more dedicated to keeping up with her housework, but overall she’s a fairly decent human being.  777 more words

Sunday/Monday 13th & 14th July 2014

Taoiseach Kenny pledges to introduce tax reform plan in our next Budget

   The Government has indicated that the top rate of tax (52%) is to be reduced from October’s Budget onwards, with the saving aimed at benefiting low- and middle-income earners. 4,551 more words

Bystander CPR Saves Lives

If you saw someone experiencing a heart attack, would you step in to perform CPR? 365 more words


Road Trip Special - KFC on the M25

Have you ever found yourself desperately craving a hearty helping of fried chicken, only to find that you are located inside of a moving car driving along the motorway? 800 more words

...On Purpose...

One winter day in Biloxi, Mississippi, a twenty-five-year-old lady decided to kill herself. She couldn’t take it anymore and she wanted her life to be over. 645 more words


Cat Scratch Fever

Weekend from hell. So basically, I was too lazy to look under the reclining chair before closing it (I know, right? Who the hell has a recliner anymore?) and my cat, Geoffrey Whiskerbottoms, was underneath it. 456 more words

Geoffrey Whiskerbottoms