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Technology Gives The Quietest Student A Voice.

“Technology Gives The Quietest Student A Voice.” – Jerry Blumengarten.

I absolutely love this quote.  It is such a powerful reason to use technology in the classroom.

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Fem Fest:"Morro & Jasp" and "Mouthpiece"

I don’t see enough theatre, especially written and performed by women. I’d just like to say that so often, I see theatre and remember why I became an actor. 336 more words

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Battle Between Her Head and Her Heart

Take a look into the mind of a woman. See the intricate and endless sea of thoughts, the swirls of brilliant ideas, the storms of emotion and the boundless inner strength. 665 more words

Canadian Theatre


MouthPiece Of Tha SouthEast an AggTown native started rapping at the tender age of 13. Dreams of stardom were placed on hold behind legal issues and incarceration throughout his teenage life. 148 more words


Young Till I Die...

By Ed

After Drooling over some of my dude @Freddytwice pics I thought it was time we had more of a look into our Italian friend. 776 more words

MUST WATCH: Is Stephen Curry Suspended for Game 7 Due Throwing His Mouthpiece To a Fan?

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) is indeed remarkable when it comes to two basketball teams who will compete in the finals. 19 more words

Steph Curry fined $25K for throwing mouthpiece

A frustrated Steph Curry has been fined $25K for throwing his mouthguard after being ejected from the game. The mouthpiece ended up hitting a Cavs fan, who was also the son of a Cavs minority owner, but Curry was kind enough to apologize. 31 more words