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Bullshit or truth

In anger or jest

In pain or comfort

A purpose…

An agenda…

A face behind a mask

A face in front of the camera… 21 more words


2015.07.10: messenger

For it will not be you who speak but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. – Mt 10:20

let your Spirit
ever be in my heart…

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Lectio Divina

One day I was surprised to see people in our porch, around the yard, almost surrounding our house. The town mayor and councillors, my dad was one and almost every influential citizen were  there.  

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Daily Post

The mother of invention

One of the things I particularly enjoy about knitting (and crochet / other related crafts) is the problem solving aspect.

Usually, this is a matter of solving problems that crop up in the knitting (such as “I think I’m going to run out of red yarn before I reach the end of the pattern… therefore I’ll modify the design slightly to bring in the green a bit sooner than intended” to pick a recent example from my own knitting experience). 607 more words