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Why Apostrophes Should Make Noise

I’ve noticed that a lot of my blog writing has taken the form of reflection. That’s probably appropriate because I’m a fairly reflective person. I realize that at a glance a blog reader might rightly wonder if Meredith M. 1,133 more words


The Mother of All Jobs: Don't Be Basic

The word, basic, doesn’t mean what it used to. I realized this when I took my fifteen-year-old shopping for a new backpack.

“That’s so basic white girl, Mom.”

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Writers Write

Having a cold is tough


(Who wipes his face instead of blowing his nose)

“These tissues don’t work!!!”


Snowman Cookies

“Look, Mom, I ate her hat clean off!”

“But his has a penis !!!”


Mom, can you fix the light bulb in my room?

It goes pitch black in there every time I turn it off!


The two words my 3 year old says everyday.

This is my Avery.

Avery sometimes eats with her Sofia the First sunglasses on.

She also is in love with pink (strawberry) ice cream.

She’s smart beyond her years, having fully taught herself the entire alphabet by recognition at 18 mos. 355 more words

Let's Get Honest

Can this day get any better?! I even have blue underwear to match my red shirt and shorts for the Fourth of July!!

–Hatchling #2, with sheer joy…

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Day In The Life