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Comedians in Training

So You Want to Have a Baby, Huh?

That’s great. But let me remind you that they are only babies for about a year and then—let me assure you— 1,195 more words


Awkward Moment

That awkward moment when a child tells you to close your eyes and open your mouth.


Hormones, maybe?

My 9-year-old son said, “Mom, spell racecar backwards.”

Me: “R-A-C-E-C-A-R. Oh cool! It’s spelled the same backwards…like radar and kayak.”

My 13-year-old son: “…and boob!”


Advice From Our Children on How to Pay Your Bills

I was opening mail and I jokingly handed my son the water bill.

“Here ya go son, wanna pay this water bill?”

He looked at it, giggled, and said no. 33 more words


You thought you knew what B.O. meant.

Conversation between my two sons:

Gavin: “Tyler, why is your hair wet- did you take a shower?”

Tyler: “No, it’s raining. Why do you think I smell like B.O.?” 16 more words


No Doubt

Parenting is:

Overhearing your son ask his Magic 8 Ball if he’s going to be gay when he grows up.


When Being A Good Parent Goes Too Far

Took a break from doing my homework to help my son with his. He is not an avid reader and is incidentally behind in his class book. 75 more words