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August is always a very exciting month for me when it comes to fashion. We still have a few warmer months left before fall but we can start buying pieces that are relevant now and can transition into fall easily. 393 more words


What If Every Kid Was An Explorer?


Ft. our very own patron, Dessa

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered, “What if this happened in real life?” That’s what this show’s about!  76 more words


Convert old videos to latest format with FFMPEG

We may have a bunch of old video files sitting around in older formats. Now they may not play in latest OS versions, because the old codecs are no longer supported. 1,085 more words

mine to keep

Dear you,

Last night I dreamt about you. It wasn’t perfect nor was it a good dream. I dreamt about the day you crushed my heart between the palm of your hands, where I placed it in hopes you’d keep it safe. 449 more words


[Tips] Convert video to Gif file in one line

I recently run into a situation that I would like to convert a video file to a gif file cause I did the screen recording from my MacBook Pro, but the file size is too large (> 100MB) to upload to my blog. 190 more words


Dumbo (2019) - Movie Review!

Dumbo (2019) is directed by Tim Burton and it is the live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic with the same name. Dumbo is a baby elephant with enormous ears which can carry him to heights an elephant has never reached. 791 more words