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[Tips] Convert video to Gif file in one line

I recently run into a situation that I would like to convert a video file to a gif file cause I did the screen recording from my MacBook Pro, but the file size is too large (> 100MB) to upload to my blog. 190 more words


Dumbo (2019) - Movie Review!

Dumbo (2019) is directed by Tim Burton and it is the live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic with the same name. Dumbo is a baby elephant with enormous ears which can carry him to heights an elephant has never reached. 791 more words


MOV | H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) and the HR Macmillan Space Centre (known by locals simply as The Planetarium) share a building in Vanier Park on False Creek. 151 more words


I See Dead.. Animals

I used to be quite squeamish about taxidermy. I once knew someone who’s parents had stuffed pheasants on a ledge above the main staircase of their house. 183 more words


Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver

Back in the 1950s, Vancouver was home to more neon than Las Vegas. We had a staggering 19,000 neon signs .. 1 for every 18 people at the time! 121 more words