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Magical Moment Mondays: Dancing

Move your body, move your spirit, move your energy and move into joy! Dancing creates magical moments for me with ease. Part of it is due to the music, but I believe that most of the magic of dancing is that getting your body into motion gets your breathing stronger and sends vibrations throughout your body so that you are filled with delight. 551 more words

Magical Moment Mondays

Work your body move your mind

Today’s keywords: It’s Okay to Be Different

I never know how to feel about this issue. I agree with the basic sentiment. You should never be who other people want you to be, but rather who you yourself are and want to be. 1,695 more words


Permission to Ride

Memories are intrinsically linked to our senses. So much so that sensory stimulation can instantly trigger a memory, and when it happens, it invariably catches me off guard. 496 more words

Everyday Life

Just Dance...una experiencia súper divertida

En el salón de clases de mi Súperesposa, los alumnos pidieron bailar estos temas a través de este juego llamado “Just Dance”. Se garantiza un buen momento de diversión y harto movimiento necesario para los escolares de ahora. 6 more words

Motivation Monday - It's YOUR Body. YOU Move It!

Sometimes we need some tough love, right?

Many people struggle with sticking to their health and fitness in the cooler months – I understand, I think we all do. 68 more words

Motivation Monday

Just do a Cartwheel 

Aliana: Mommy, I’m going to ask you something, and you can’t say no. You have to say you’ll at least try.

Me: I can’t promise an answer to a question I don’t know. 580 more words

My Child

6 Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety, No Matter How Worried You Feel

We all worry. We are anxious about money, our relationships, work, our health, our family’s health, and pretty much anything else we care about that we can’t absolutely control. 1,788 more words