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Never Give Up!!

Lets be honest.  When you’re starting up at the gym, or even take your once-a-week day off, it can sometimes or a lot of times be hard to get back into it.   355 more words


What is The Lifestyle Approach?

Even though we are living in an era where we have an abundance of information at our finger tips, I feel as if it’s getting more confusing to work out how we should manage our health! 87 more words

Manage Your Mind

Fight the resistance! A quick, do anywhere-- resistance band workout!

A little resistance band work. Here’s a quick workout you can fit in to any schedule!
1. 10 single arm rows each side
2. 10 side steps each direction…
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The Compounding Years

I drive a lot, and lately I’ve been listening to Suze Orman Podcasts while I’m on the road. Suze often refers to one’s twenties and early thirties as “the compounding years,” because money saved in retirement accounts during these years will yield highly compounded dividends by the age of retirement. 345 more words


Ball of Fire

On one of my recent walks I was later than usual getting out. I usually go out around 2 pm. This day I had a… 289 more words


Just Run!

 It’s amazing how many excuses we can come up with about why today isn’t a good day to run…

It’s too cold out.

I’m too tired. 93 more words