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5 Ways to Move More

5 Ways to Move More

I am not a fitness person but I do want to be fit. After giving birth to my girls my health habits went downhill. 320 more words


Six Week Plan to Re-Setting Your Foundation

It’s 4th of July weekend, and most of us looking forward to cook outs, time with friends and family and fireworks.   The Fourth of July celebrates our country’s independence and established the foundation of the United States we know today. 815 more words

Donny Montell drops new single ‘Move Your Body’

Earlier this year, two-time Eurovision star Donny Montell released his first single of 2017 titled Screw Me Up, and now, he’s released another dance-pop tune titled Move Your Body. 147 more words


Think Because You go to the gym, you are physically active? Think again!

“Are you physically active”? A question frequently asked by healthcare professionals. Well, what does being physically active even mean? Lots of people picture a muscular individual who goes to the gym every day and drinks protein shakes. 444 more words


Stepping out

I was looking forward to May as a time of rest and being at home and pottering around but all that is getting a bit too restful . 297 more words

Just Life

'Sup Fatty?

Hello all.  It’s been a super crazy busy couple weeks and I’ve barely had a minute to myself.  I feel as though I’ve slipped into a black hole that is void of this awesome blogging community. 394 more words

Just Move!

I talked to one of my best friends from the U.S. this week. We were talking about things we were doing to make ourselves healthy and happy, and I mentioned working out. 720 more words