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Excess Baggage

It’s been three years my mother met her younger daughter and she can’t let go the opportunity to meet her again! My sister flew down to India from US three years back and my mother’s longing to hug her again is easily comprehensible to another mother (me!). 351 more words

Look at My Feet

Want to know how far I travelled

Or wish to peek into my memoire

Look at my feet

Bare feet, tiny gate; shaken pace

The very first step on the life’s trail… 144 more words

The Last Push....

It was 21st September; I felt this unusual pain in my tummy. It was like high tides; mounting with full aggression and then sinking as a calm wave. 424 more words

no. 70


unbearable surge of heat

fingers and toes meet

arms and legs stretch

heart and lungs fetch

oxygen to the brain

tendons and ligaments strain… 65 more words


A house moving in a truck

Balcony of a house is of so much utility. To hang washed clothes on the string. Some pots with plants- herbs, climbers and flowers. To watch children play hopscotch; giggle and chase the street. 499 more words

Mixed Mental Arts Interview with Adrian Bejan

What does freedom have to do with the evolution of design?

“If you give individuals, like the river water, the freedom to choose, then the resulting design is the one that serves the mover, meaning the live system, the best. 279 more words