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Something on my knee
Red dots on the ceiling roam
“Ladybug season”

Week 3 - Yoga MOOC - Journaling on progression

Week 3: The Science of Yoga

Should be called Yoga poses show their teeth!

Here is what I’ve done:


Off the Mat: got all the videos on the science of yoga seen and 30 minutes of the instructor QA. 489 more words


Ethos and Exercise

Iconic historical warriors such as King Leonidas, Crazy Horse, and William Wallace didn’t own a gym membership, nor did they likely spend much time training to master sport, calculating their 1RM deadlift, or considering the aesthetic merit of their reflection.

474 more words
Martial Commentary

First blog post

October 30, 2017

The October 30th message in Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance is to “Celebrate Being a Clear Conduit for Love.” As I read it today, I realized it was my daughter’s birthday. 566 more words

Berlin Wall


I spend most of my days sitting down in my wheelchair …

Or sitting with my legs up on the couch …

Or sometimes sitting in my racing chair. 227 more words



Shades of blue

reflect what is not you

and the lightest of hues

become what used to be


and all along the illusion

became real… 66 more words


Walk and read

I’m adapting to new groups at the moment – 17 primary-age beginners for three hours at a time. It’s a challenge for me and for them, and it means that I need a whole host of warmers and coolers at the ready. 285 more words