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Really Needing Some Summer Weather

In favor of me not writing in a million months, here is a creative (movement based) writing that I did for one of my classes recently. 504 more words


The Journey to the Social Network 2015

In a slight change of direction for this one-off blog, I want to talk about something else I’m involved in – an annual charity event. 1,773 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

I was experimenting with my camera in the streets of central London when I took this photo of a cyclist. The result has a bit of a painting-effect (no photo editing used, though) :-) 9 more words


The Art Of Standing Still

I’m always moving, always juggling a bunch of stuff all at once. I try to keep busy, doing one thing or another, writing, partying hard. With this lifestyle, it makes it pretty difficult to do nothing at all. 769 more words

UI Further Development and Final Design

Here’s a few example images of the home view design with no notifications, with various user selected wallpapers. I wanted to create a viewing experience that distracted as little as possible yet provided timely and useful information. 779 more words

Major Project