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#36alive 290: Pack A Tennis Ball On Long Journeys

Good news: You don’t have to suffer tight muscles and sore spots every time you face a long car journey or light. Just pack a tennis ball, and you’ll be able to boost your circulation and release muscle tension in no time. 88 more words

My response to: #metoo

It happened to me.

So it happened to you.

It is happening to you.

While you’re staring at your phone waiting to get on the bus, subway, in the checkout line, pumping gas, ordering food, picking up food, in your car, at the bar ordering drinks for you and your friends, out with your bf/gf. 148 more words

The Bond Of Poverty

Today, while the ruling class works tirelessly to separate and divide across racial lines, and as the social fabric that is pinned down by the capitalist order continues to crumble, and as the hopes of the poor flow faster and stronger into a pre-packaged containment of ruling class narrative, we all must be increasingly diligent not to fall into today’s identity politics and its seductive trappings. 822 more words


Do you have a question?

How old is a dancer?

As old as their dance

How young is a dancer?

As young as their dance.

Are you sure?

No… 61 more words


What Are The Obstacles You Create For Yourself?

Hi There

In my other blog I talk about it and I wanted to share the obstacles I create. Follow the link to The Obstacles We Create  152 more words



This Workout Of the Day gets real spicy real fast.

EMOM x Failure (Every Minute On the Minute)
Kettle Bell Swings (American- movement is complete when arms are locked out above the head) 100 more words