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The Messiah: Myth, Miracle, Man, Master, Menace, Moment and Movement (Part Two)

Bond 249

The Messiah, The Menace:

The Man said HE was equal to GOD – The Son of GOD, the Word at the beginning of human creation, existing before Abraham, existing before the need for salvation was prompted.

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When you're a fish and you want to climb a hill...

Einstein is said… to have never said ““Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 123 more words

Fishy Sparks


There is no time,
only space +
all the motions therein.

you can
track those movements,
like the Aborigines
who stalk dreams.

eventually… 78 more words

Notes & Reminders

When magic acts as a bulletproof shield for Congo child soldiers

Image Courtesy: The Telegraph How children in the midst of a civil war are tricked into blind combat

The year is 2016. Chaos erupts in the Kasai region in the Democratic Republic Of Congo. 895 more words


Fighting Like A Girl and What It Taught Me – gwahoddiad i brofi’r gwaith ar droed / invitation to a sharing of work in progress

dawns unigol gan / solo dance by Lucy May Constantini
gyda chymorth / in collaboration with Ioan Hefin ac / and Eleanor Shaw

Thursday, 27th June / Dydd Iau, 27ain o Fehefin – 15:00… 539 more words

Rest or Move?

Everything hurts, time to get some rest. My knee feels a bit funny, I’m going to take it easy. My back is sore, I better sit this one out. 682 more words

Blood Flow

Day 163

My almost evening off, up until recently I used to work every Wednesday night (in addition to my day job), I now do mornings instead but I let the offer of child care from the grandparents continue and now get a couple of hours to go home alone, it’s so nice to just sit in the quite and have a cup of tea and have a workout without small humans interrupting every 5 minutes needing a drink, or food or just checking I’m still in the building. 9 more words