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What's all this spirituality stuff about, and can I do it too ...?


        An open letter to the straight-laced person who is on the verge of becoming a free-loving, hippie convert … 

You may have noticed a slight change in fashion lately. 2,063 more words


During an olive and wine festival situated in the lush, green valleys of Riebeek-Kasteel I captured this vibrant image of flags blowing amongst the autumn coloured grape vine leaves at one of the wine farms. 40 more words


My Evolving Philosophy on Fitness

“The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do.
If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving. 787 more words


The Idea Of It All (VIDEO)

I guess the concept of “having an idea” seemed pretty appealing when sitting alone in your bedroom at 3am.
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The bunnies in the corner park
Are stiff as statues ’til it’s dark
When nobody is watching, so
Can they be truly bunnies?


Healing My Metabolism

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I’ve been following a protocol to heal my totally broken metabolism. A too-long period of under-eating and over-exercising left me broken, exhausted, fat, and prone to injury. 381 more words


Kurosawa’s “innate understanding of movement"

In my monthly email news round-up for May 2016, I shared a link to a video about Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.

Today I thought I’d also share it in a post for those who don’t see my emails. 319 more words