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Elgin 17 Jewel Antique Pocket Watch Size 12s Model 3 Serial# 27060837

The Elgin 17 Jewel Antique Pocket Watch is a Size 12s. The Model 3 movement is not adjusted. The movement has a nice patina on the nickel finish. 14 more words

Lady Raymond Elgin 15 Jewel Pocket Watch Size 5/0s Model 2

The Lady Raymond made by Elgin is a Model 2 and was manufactured around 1918. The 15 jewel movement is a size 5/0s. It is a double roller and is configured for open face cases. 20 more words

A Meditation Story

Now I am not the first person you will hear saying “Meditation is great!” but I have been under a lot of stress lately and I know it is only going to get worse. 764 more words


WM Ellery Waltham Antique Pocket Watch Model 1874-10 Size 10s Adjusted

The watch is a WM Ellery Waltham Antique Pocket Watch. The Model 1874-10 is a Size 10s. The adjusted 7 Jewel Movement is key wind and has a gilt finish. 26 more words

Waltham Pocket Watch Movement 17 Jewel Adjusted 16s Model 1899 Serial# 16195114

The Waltham Pocket Watch has a 17 Jewel Adjusted movement.  It is size 16s. The Model 1899 is estimated to have been produced around 1907. The Serial number is 16195114. 20 more words

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Beginner Runners….Don’t forget to Breathe!

New runners who are committed to learning the task and eager to enjoy the reward of that infamous ‘runners high’ sometimes struggle with finding their breath. 34 more words