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The Wim Hof Method 10-Week Course: A Review

At the beginning of January 2017 my back got hurt in a way that was quite disheartening.  I was simply bending over to pick up a piece of paper off the ground and the SI Joint (Sacroiliac Joint) slipped. 2,902 more words


Polo on Smiths Lawn

In Windsor Great Park, behind Obelix Pond, with its magnificent reflections, lies Smith’s Lawn. Believed to have been named after a gamekeeper during the Restoration period of the 17th century. 125 more words


July 20: "Considering the Snail"

The snail pushes through a green

night, for the grass is heavy

with water and meets over

the bright path he makes, where rain

has darkened the earth’s dark. 72 more words


Vegan Flag Seeks to Solidify Movement

The vegan movement now has an international flag. Designed by Gad Hakimi, an Israeli designer, the flag was created to solidify the global movement toward compassion. 202 more words


Stair workout.

Even if you can’t run the stairs, just walk! This will still be a great workout modified. Do it at home, work, or during travel! 60 more words

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How movements can succeed in the face of government repression

By: Molly Wallace

A greater number of resistance movements are choosing to adopt nonviolent forms of struggle as the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance becomes more widely known. 1,363 more words

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