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How I Put My Shoulder Impingement To Bed In 2017 (Rehab Exercises & Ideas)

I made an unconscious switch to calisthenics from weight training back in the early part of 2016. It just happened; it wasn’t intentional as such, I just started to enjoy it. 1,552 more words


Boycott! Boycott!

I think it is… Boycott time! All standard single questions, boring icebreakers such as –where you’re from? What you do? What’s your job? Boycott! NOW! And let’s see if boxes are finally sent into exile.

Fishy Thoughts


The cliff is a safe place to be. Jumping is even safer!


Letting Go

Letting go of these things that you have been letting go of, is leaving space. It’s not creating anything new, it’s leaving space for new things to enter. 10 more words


We carry our families like anchors, rooting us in storms, making sure we never drift from where and who we are. We carry our families within us the way we carry our breath underwater, keeping us afloat, keeping us alive. 

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