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Rotten Orange News: Trump Chumps the Chumps

Introducing Rotten Orange News.

Rotten Orange News: Stories that chronicle Der Movement’s humiliation by the betrayal of their latest “man on white horse.”

Let’s not deport those “dreamers.” … 51 more words


Staying focused as Disciple makers

What is the number one enemy you will face as you pursue the release of a Disciple Making Movement among the unreached?  One would imagine that it would be intense spiritual warfare, keeping a visa platform, persecution, or some other kind of external challenge.  637 more words



As well as art and music, I think dancing must be one of the most important things to me.  Ever since I was little I have loved it.   311 more words

Is Your Training Functional??

Is My Training Functional?

What is functional training?

· Simple. Training that makes sense.

How to Make Your Training Functional (Applicable to Sport)

· The demands of sport require your athlete to move fast and make quick decisions. 251 more words


Greek Life and Mental Health Sources

  1. Scott-Sheldon, Lori A. J., Kate B. Carey, and Michael P. Carey. “Health Behavior and College Students: Does Greek Affiliation Matter?” Journal of behavioral medicine. U.S.
  2. 512 more words

Respecting recovery 

I love to move. Dancing, lifting, cycling, walking, stretching and more: there is a vital delight in feeling myself move in space, in tandem with music, nature, friends, strangers, heartbeats… Now, post-op, I find the joy in increasing the strength in my legs, the length of my stride and the depth of my determination. 88 more words

Every moment can be meaningful...

Within each gesture,
there is a movement that makes it more expressive or eloquent.

Every movement,
every moment can be meaningful.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
The Joy of Being