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June- Breaking

It has been almost two years when I first started learning. For some time I stuck with it, but for almost a year or so I didn’t do any breaking at all. 707 more words


Dancing Water

Water shot into the air has many great forms as rises from and returns to the earth.

The theme for The Daily Post‘s photo challenge this week is “ 15 more words


Fire Flow

For this month of June, I’ve been playing with my fire contact staff every now and then.
It’s been a while but I’ve been having fun with it. 56 more words


The Rise

Never underestimate the power of a beautifully controlled, expertly executed rise.

Dance physiotherapists place great importance on the technique, control and endurance of a single leg rise to demi pointe when assessing a dancer’s readiness to commence pointe work. 291 more words


Interview for Chicago Reader

I got interviewed by Anne Ford from Chicago Reader about Parkour and my training.
It was a great chat and we talked about a lot. Some of the things we talked about I plan to write about, here in my blog. 14 more words


Words from my uterus

I feel like my uterus holds grudges like me. You know for a while it was real patient. It was like hey, I want a baby. 588 more words

Part 4, Project 2 (It’s about time) – Exercise 1

Photography that conveys movement

Derek Trillo, Passing Place, 2006

  • stairs imply direction
  • one figure is going down, other is going up
  • figures on stairs are blurred because photograph was taken while they were moving…
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