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'Woman in Gold' is extremely emotional

Starring : Ryan Reynolds ,Helen Mirren

Direction : Simon Curtis

Plot :Woman in gold is based on true incidents. The movie starts with Maria Altmann’s(Helen Mirren) sister’s funeral . 472 more words



On Wednesday my family and I went to the movie theater.  My mom and dad went to see terminator and my brother and I went to see Inside-Out.  138 more words


Yakuza, Vampir dan Kodok yang Jago Berkelahi

Katanya Takashi Miike mau kembali ke asal dengan mengeluarkan film-film slasher setelah beberapa tahun terakhir ini menghasilkan karya komedi seperti Undercover Agent Reiji atau Ace Attorney dan tahun lalu ada film horor berjudul Over Your Dead Body. 608 more words


Inside Out Disney

When I saw the tagline “time to meet the voices inside your head”,  I was like yes!!! After Frozen, I was looking for a Disney animation movie that can top that but none of them could beat it until I saw Inside Out. 308 more words


Wu Yifan Weibo Update "2nd July, Goodbye"


In fact, it’s never be my intention to leave you. Today’s farewell is for better reunion in the future.

Never Gone weibo update…

27 more words
Wu Yifan

Suddenly awake with tears, but no memory of what just happened

Ever wake up suddenly and then find yourself no longer able to go back to sleep? Or wake up in the middle of the night with tears in your eyes? 220 more words


'Game of Thrones': The Eyes Have It in New Jon Snow Theory

If you’re still looking for a possible (let’s forget about plausible) explanation for how Jon Snow could have survived his Julius Caesar-like assassination at the end of Season 5 of Games of Thrones, the Internet has a new clue for you: the eyes have it. 129 more words