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The Count of Monte Cristo (CBR8 #76)

I have already said many words about The Count of Monte Cristo, since it entered our lives as the final of the four #CannonBookClub choices for 2016. 426 more words


Movie Review: The Girl on the Train

I finally got to watch The Girl on the Train while I was in Amsterdam and I have to say I did not hate it but that’s not to say that I loved it. 1,052 more words


Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins 'The Kingkiller Chronicle' Adaptation

Lin-Manuel Miranda is not throwing away his shot at being part of The Kingkiller Chronicle adaptation, which currently includes both a feature film and a television series. 247 more words


From Page To Screen: Book To Movie Adaptations

I have a complicated relationship with the onscreen adaptations of the books I have read. Just remembering how they treated Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… 964 more words


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - After the Fawning is over

In a previous post Loes already shared her raving first impressions of our joint viewing. I completely agree with every word she said, so I’m not going to go into it from that angle again. 1,262 more words


58 Eat, Pray, Love

by Elizabeth Gilbert, 2006

This is the second time I’ve attempted to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat, Pray, Love. The first was at the height of its popularity, when Gilbert appeared on Oprah and everyone fawned over the courage of this woman to travel for a year in search of herself. 485 more words