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Saturday Book Trailer Round-up

Another Saturday morning full of trailers (or bookish videos)!

On the Subject of Adaptations: Part 3 - Goldilocks

Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings have been lauded as cinematic achievements. The task of putting a series to film that was long considered unable to be adapted  was daunting and if the first film failed, there was no hope for the following two. 979 more words


Movie Trailer Monday: Beauty and the Beast and Before I Fall

OK, everyone, bear with me a little while longer as I participate in NanNoWriMo. I hit 8,074 words yesterday. I’m aiming for 10K by the end of the month instead of the full 50K, then I’ll get some reviews and Fandom Quotes out. 140 more words

Books To Movies

Westworld Season One: Trompe L'oeil

Trompe l’oeil: a painting or design intended to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object. A French word meaning “deceive the eye”.

“Doesn’t look like anything to me.” – Westworld’s Hosts… 1,712 more words

Recaps Reviews

Wednesday It List

Another list to get you through your Wednesday! 42 more words

TTT: Top Ten Books I'd love to see made into movies

These are some books/graphic novels I’d like to see become movies (if done faithfully). I know that sometimes this has disastrous results, but I want they were so good and I would love to see the way some of the scenes translate to the big screen. 413 more words

Top Ten Tuesday

Trailer Reactions #3: New Adaptations [Updated 11/17/2016]

My literal thought process before deciding to make this post:

Omgg, the Beauty and the Beast trailer is out today!! I must watch now!! 

Dang it, I have no wifi or data. 1,100 more words