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Adapting the Page: The End of the Affair by Graham Greene

“So this is a record of hate far more than of love.” ~Maurice Bendrix

Maurice Bendrix is a character so full of hatred and jealousy, that I absolutely loved him!

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April Movie Adaptions

Read the Book Before You See the Movie!

There aren’t a lot of book-based movies coming out in April, but at least there’s some variety in genre!   372 more words


Young Adult Literature on the Big Screen

If you live in the world with your eyes open, and I assume you do because you’re reading this, then you know that young adult novels often get turned into movies.   718 more words

Young Adult Literature

Movie Adaptations

This post was inspired by the film Insurgent. No spoilers will be revealed in this post, but Insurgent by Veronica Roth is used as an example. 311 more words

Book Talk: Insurgent, The Movie (And Soundtrack)...With Spoilers

Book Talk is a sporadic feature where I talk about bookish but non-book review things, and this time, I’m talking about Insurgent! Be warned, there are going to be major movie/book spoilers ahead.   712 more words

Book Talk

Spotlight Saturday #2

I give my end-of-week post to other authors and bloggers whose work is worth noting. There are so many excellent articles out there, so many good poems and stories that I want to use my online space, once a week, to send all of you to read something you might otherwise miss. 153 more words


Movie Adaptation Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

After finally reading Fifty Shades of Grey (book review), I finally got around to seeing the movie. I roped my husband into it too, but don’t for a second believe the guy you take isn’t at least a tiny bit interested. 266 more words

Fifty Shades