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A book and a movie: Lady Susan

I can’t say that I’m a true Janeite — but I guess you could call me an amateur Austenphile. I love Jane Austen’s novels, but not to the point of obsession. 886 more words

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On the Subject of Adaptations: Part 1 - Separating the Book and the Movie

“The book is better than the movie.”

According to many in the reading community, truer words have never been said. I admit that this phrase has found its way past my lips on more than one occasion, though with building apprehension as I have grown older. 830 more words


Fictions vs. Movie adaptations.

I was heartbroken when I finally watched the movie adaptation of “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. Probably, I was expecting much more. Was I? The answer is a straightforward “YES”. 487 more words


Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

I had seen the film of my second holiday read before, so when I saw both Me Before You and the sequel on sale together, I happily bought both. 680 more words

The book's always better than the movie...


That’s the rule, right?

Books rule over movies.


Before I got involved with this whole short film thing, I always would get indignant after watching yet another failed movie adaptation of a book I liked. 513 more words


Why “The Magnificent Seven” Upgrade Is Already Iconic — JUST ADD COLOR

I usually don’t go for Westerns. Well, actually, they have to be one (or more) of three things: they are bending the rules of the Western to a ridiculous degree, involve a rarely-discussed racial angle, or I have to watch them for a film class.

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5 Great Book to Movie Adaptations

A couple weeks ago, I listed out what 5 book to movie adaptations that I consider to be terrible. These were purely based on how the book was adapted for the screen. 615 more words