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Resident Evil Movie Series Comes Back From The Dead

Constantin Film, the company that currently holds the rights to the Resident Evil movie franchise, announced via Variety that they are set to reboot the iconic spin off series. 150 more words


61. Movie Adaptations: I'm Slightly Upset About Them but not Really

Can we stop turning comics and books into movies? Just, please? They work so much better as TV shows, and you see it happening slightly, but there’s still more movie adaptations than anything else. 378 more words

From Book to Movie: Who would you cast?

I’ve been going over some of my book reviews on Goodreads (I’m noticing they are getting longer), and in my review of Hot Six (Stephanie Plum mystery serial #6) by #JanetEvanovich , I have completely re-cast the movie version of the series (Book 1… 80 more words


Exploring The Brave New World Of Adaptational Musicals

Throughout the decade, musicals based off animated and live-action film franchises have become rather popular as of late. Ostensibly a trend started by Disney in Broadway with the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast (both being recursive, with the Lion King itself based on Hamlet and Beauty and the Beast being remade in live action and released just this year). 311 more words

Bradley J Sterling

Howl's Moving Castle: Reimaginings in anime

I read the novel Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynn Jones recently, and it sparked in me some thoughts about adaptations and reimaginings in anime. 932 more words


322. Babylon A.D. (2008) -- A Torture Cinema "Adventure" w/ DongWon Song

Baby taxis, french insults, and white messiahs, oh my! This month, in the most french episode we’ve ever had, Alex, Julia, David, and special guest, DongWon Song, review the problem-plagued film, … 127 more words

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Future Frankenstein Movie

It comes to no surprise that the movie company “Universal” is getting ready to launch their own cinematic movie universe. The new trend in Hollywood is to copy what Marvel did with their movies, in which all films are connected to each other and they periodically release a movie with all characters together. 416 more words