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Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Happy Monday everyone! Today I present to you a review for the wonder that is *drumroll please* BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! I saw it this past Saturday and have not been able to stop thinking about it since. 702 more words


Ghost in the Shell/Iron Fist Backfire

Fed-up fans turn ‘Ghost in the Shell’ meme generator against itself

The Major may be a cutting-edge cyborg capable of taking down even the most dangerous criminals, but even she’s no match for the withering disdain of the internet. 1,315 more words


Movie Trailer Monday on Wednesday: 13 Reasons Why and Pirates 5

I’m a few days late with this, but you’ll have to excuse me. It was my birthday this weekend and I was busy.

First up is the new trailer for… 124 more words

General Library Related

Bill Nighy, Ian McKellen or Jim Broadbent ... Who Is The Perfect Zombie Flick Protagonist?

In my post, The Opposite of Going ViralI posed the (admittedly rhetorical) question of who would be best suited to play Gerald Stockwell-Poulter in the cinematic adaptation of The Old Man at the End of the World. 438 more words

Bill Nighy

When good books go unread (and bad ones sell)

Hey! It’s almost March!

Spring’s coming…the lawn is thawing out. Got the pruning done, and the house is getting cleaner. I should be able to open windows and doors soon, which means less time spent getting interrupted by the cats wanting to go in or out. 238 more words

Book to Movies to Nerdy

Books are always better better than the movies…. 302 more words


Oscar Weekend (1): Best YA Novel to Movie Adaptations

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Logan Lerman did an amazing job at portraying Charlie. I still get tears in my eyes when his friends leave for college and he breaks down and calls Candace and he tells her it’s all his fault and he can’t stop crying and then there’s that heartbreaking music playing in the background, and it’s just all too much. 640 more words

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