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Before we go

We had an activity at school and we have to write a movie analysis. We should have a partner so my partner is my bestfriend ( @kyla5141 ). 321 more words

Watching Aladdin with a Fresh Set of Eyes

We all have movies we know by heart, that we’ve seen so many times they become akin to comfort food. Perhaps you pop in the DVD when you don’t know what else to watch, or when you’re doing something else and want it to play in the background. 1,339 more words


'Queen of Earth' possesses gorgeous imagery; Moss is stupendous

The cinematography “Queen of Earth” is strategically beautiful; it begs the question: “Why don’t more movies have more pretty images?” Its lakeside setting creates a plethora of beautiful images from cinematographer Sean Price Williams. 314 more words

Indie Films

Jurassic World: Better Than I Hoped For

Jurassic World threatened to ruin my childhood before it came out.

Like many young children, I fixated on dinosaurs. I had dozens of books about them, was always asking questions about them, and prided myself on knowing more than my friends about them. 1,032 more words

The Rise and Fall of the Disaster Genre of the 1970s: Part 1, 1970-1974

*This is Part 1 of a two part feature. Click HERE for Part 2.

The disaster film genre of the 1970s is a highly unique and relatively assertive period in film noire. 2,624 more words


Acting Spotlight: Bill Murray in Lost in Translation (2003)

Is it possible for someone to offer an incredibly subtle and restrained performance that perfectly captures the complicated atmosphere of friendship when one needs companionship at a time of need? 1,816 more words


Deadpool Trailer and the Oversaturation and Unoriginality That's Plaguing Hollywood

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.

The trailer for the Deadpool (2016) movie based on the Marvel comics character that fits into the X-Men universe was officially released to the public on Tuesday to widespread excitement and anticipation. 1,532 more words