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Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven, directed by Terrence Malik and released in 1978, is a uniquely filmed movie, in that it utilizes natural lighting and takes its time to tell its story. 807 more words

The Greatest Showman: Exploitation, Elation and the Endgame.

It takes just seconds after the lights come on and the credits start rolling, for the flaws of The Greatest Showman to become glaringly obvious. The fact remains that the protagonist makes a fortune out of the appearances and experiences of marginalized people, which no amount of feel good songs can obscure. 1,024 more words


Nigel the Pelican - Character analysis

This post will focus on the character of Nigel the Pelican.

Pelicans have a lot of symbology going on around them. They are often seen as a symbol of parental love,selfless charity and sacrifice. 109 more words

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Gill the skull fish - Character analysis

Yes I know he is not actually a skull fish. Gill is a Moorish idol .

He is a dark colored brooding fish. He is in some ways the opposite of Marlin. 102 more words

Movie Analysis

Nemo - Character analysis

This post will be about Nemo’s spiritual and emotional growth in the movie “Finding Nemo”.

Volcano initiation

After being embarrassed by his father Nemo rebels and gets captured . 224 more words

Movie Analysis

Dory - Character analysis / Part 4.

This post concludes my analysis of the character of Dory.

Unforgettable view

After rescuing Marlin, Nemo and all the other fish they travel back to the coral reef.  85 more words

Movie Analysis

Dory - Character analysis / Part 3.

This post will analyze Dory’s rescue of Marlin and Nemo.

Family reunion

After escaping from the truck Dory is again all alone. She spots a trail of fishes and starts following them. 189 more words

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