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Acting Spotlight: Bill Murray in Lost in Translation (2003)

Is it possible for someone to offer an incredibly subtle and restrained performance that perfectly captures the complicated atmosphere of friendship when one needs companionship at a time of need? 1,816 more words


"Cheese Ball - The Movie"

This post was written in April 2013 right after I watched the movie “42”. I decided to post it here since I always enjoy re-reading some of my older articles. 453 more words


Reservoir Dogs and Theme Analysis

As an adolescent, I believed that that tagline of a movie was its theme. If I wanted to know what it was about, I looked at the movie poster. 314 more words


Underrated Masterpieces: House of Sand and Fog (2003)

Officer: Are you Kathy Nicolo?
Kathy: Yeah.
Officer: Is this your house?

What are the components that make up a Shakespearean tragedy? Many would answer that such tragedies are a combination of flawed heroes, internal conflict, and chance happenings. 1,986 more words


My Impressions on 'Spirited Away'

Spirited Away is one of my favorite films because of its limitless creativity, unfaded imagination, and the progressions of its characters.

The main character is Chihiro, who works at a spirit hotel in order to free herself and her parents from Yubaba. 943 more words

Analysis: Jurassic World, a Movie that Hates Itself

It might be an understatement to say that I didn’t enjoy Jurassic World.  I found it alternately boring and infuriating, a wasted opportunity.  Despite that, it’s the one movie that I’ve thought the most about in the past few weeks.  3,029 more words


On Magic Mike XXL & the myth of male objectification

On one hand, it makes no sense that Magic Mike XXL was written, directed, and produced by men.

On the other hand, it makes complete sense. 1,267 more words

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