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Hollywood’s Cake in China: Guidance to lick the ass and make the money (1)

Hollywood needs to worry about their market in China.

BY Erin J. Xue

Last year, Chinese movie market surged 49% while the US market grew by 8%.

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Box Office

Dracula (1992)

Ending Scene of Dracula Analysis

Characters: The men and Mina are wearing coats, since a blizzard is occurring. Dracula is even wearing some type of coat, however there’s a connection with his story. 192 more words

Movie Analysis

Movies Aren't Original Anymore

I think that there’s a problem with movies.

Well, there are many, that’s for sure. Several of them have come into light in recent years, with things such as diversity and wage gaps echoing off the walls of social media. 523 more words

Movie Analysis

Days of Wine and Roses, 1962  

  • Directed by: Blake Edwards
  • Screenplay by: JP Miller
  • Music by: Henry Mancini

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Popcorn Reviews - Warcraft

Holy crap! Did we finally do it? Did we finally get a great video game movie?! … kinda.

Warcraft takes us right back to the beginning, where Orcs arrive in Azeroth through a portal with the goal of creating a new home, as their world has died. 617 more words


Popcorn Reviews - Wallace & Gromit : A Grand Day Out

In 1989 a true gem, and future British classic, came into our world; Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day out. This movie, despite its short length, was so well received that it instantly secured its creator a place in animation history. 406 more words


Popcorn Reviews - Video Game Movies

Since the 1990s there has been a long stream of consistently bad video game movies. It seems that every time a movie studio gets their hands on a video game franchise, the final product  1,163 more words