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Remember The Tingler

Why is my arm tingly though I’m awake

Come back to me stop hurting

I’m moving you’re circulating, gee whiz

Or you should be

I hate this feeling… 107 more words

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1984: three movie classics

Some of the best picture Oscar nominated films of 1984 are all-time classics. Here’s why.

The Killing Fields

The consequence of a decade of war and terror in Cambodia is the ‘legacy’ of landmines which has left quite a few Cambodians as amputees. 110 more words


Announcing the “No, YOU’RE Crying!” Blogathon: Our Favorite Tearjerker Films

Time for a new blogathon! I invite you to contemplate the films that make you cry. That turn you to mush. That basically make you a total mess. 330 more words


A Few More Days in February

Tired. A long day with sick infants and one was missing, stayed home with a temp, but another might stay home tomorrow. Ready to lay back and let sleep take me. 144 more words

Books & Stories

Stranger Things Part 2

If you watched the Super Bowl you know that a second season of Stranger Things is coming to a TV near you.  So, it’s a good time to finish our look at the current season and series and discuss all things important – Like is Steve a jerk or not?   26 more words

Movie Classics

I Am Legend

A Movie that scared me for years – why on earth would I want to watch this again?  To see if it holds up, of course.   35 more words

Movie Classics