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Howard the Duck

The sacrifices we make for you!  For our 20 episode special we thought we’d do something very special – watch a “bad” movie and see if it’s still as bad as everyone thought.   59 more words

Movie Classics


One of the cult classic comedies of the 80’s with a cast that only got bigger in the decades since.  But how does this Tim Burton vehicle look after so many years?   18 more words

Movie Classics

Dead Again

It’s a little remember, under the radar thriller/mystery from Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Scott Frank, and wait – who is that in the walk-in refrigerator?  Seems like the perfect set-up to see if whether or not it holds up.   33 more words

Movie Classics


Can Sylvester Stallone get a hit in a role that doesn’t start with an “R”?  Cliffhanger was one of his first attempts to find out.  A decent hit from 1993, crossing 80 million at the box office (back when that was still pretty impressive.)  But 20+ years later, does this Stallone masterpiece hang on?   13 more words

Movie Classics

The Dirty Dancing Experience

Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman are two of my all-time favorite movies.  I’ve lost track of the number of times that I’ve watched each of them. 527 more words


Movie Love #2

Here are things I’ve watched in the last two weeks, the sequel to May 1’s inaugural edition. A * denotes repeat viewing

Swamp Water… 311 more words