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Announcing the Outer Space on Film Blogathon!

Time for a new blogathon! This time, I am inviting you to write about films that take place in outer space.

Space operas, space fantasies, space parodies, space horror stories, animated films set in space–any and all of these are welcome! 290 more words


Batman Returns

Tim Burton does his one and only Sequel to the biggest Superhero movie of all time!  Well, it was the biggest.  Batman Returns was an enormous event – a follow-up to the Movie that made Green Lantern, Justice League, and Fantastic Four possible.  15 more words

Movie Classics

Merry New Year! Trading Places (1983)

This post is part of the Happy New Year Blogathon, hosted by Steve at MovieMovieBlogBlog. Ring in the new year with the rest of the posts… 766 more words


Blade Runner

With the “controversial” sequel recently out – Payton and I decided to look at the original Blade Runner for our first movie during Christmas Break.  And by first, we mean the Director’s Cut, so version 4.0?  18 more words

Movie Classics

'Two More Gems' (2012)

There’s no movies like old movies! You’d think, with all the bellyaching from Hollywood over really poor ticket sales this year, they’d want to re-examine movies that people actually liked, and try to re-learn how to make them. 6 more words

Movie Reviews

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

By: Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com

I watched “White Christmas” starring Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney three times this season on the AMC channel. I never tire of it. 110 more words

Jacqueline Bennett

Favorite Christmas Movies

My son came home from school yesterday and said he did well on some kind of in class Christmas movie trivia contest his teacher had on Kahoot.  418 more words