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A Few More Days in February

Tired. A long day with sick infants and one was missing, stayed home with a temp, but another might stay home tomorrow. Ready to lay back and let sleep take me. 144 more words

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Stranger Things Part 2

If you watched the Super Bowl you know that a second season of Stranger Things is coming to a TV near you.  So, it’s a good time to finish our look at the current season and series and discuss all things important – Like is Steve a jerk or not?   26 more words

Movie Classics

I Am Legend

A Movie that scared me for years – why on earth would I want to watch this again?  To see if it holds up, of course.   35 more words

Movie Classics

Big Nopety Nope Nope

Let me start off by saying before God and everyone who is reading this post that if you recommended this movie to me, you need to buy me a cup of coffee and very carefully EXPLAIN WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU. 267 more words


2019 According to Blade Runner

Heya Friends! It’s me, Anna.

Have you forgotten about me? I watch your favorite movie classics for the first time and tell you that I hate them. 224 more words


Goodbye, Princess Leia

Many years ago when I first heard of the death of Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, I was sad.

Not crushed, but of course sad that he had died so unexpectedly and at a relatively young age. 925 more words