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a movie by the Australian Spierig brothers, is a one hundred minute sci-fi thriller based on the twenty page short story called “All You Zombies,” written by Robert A. 408 more words



WOW! The first movie I sort of liked. The story line was AWFUL and there was so many drug references I was not that enticed. But the men were hot and of course that is why you go to a strip club in the first place. 156 more words

Movie Critique

Ideas on What to Watch on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu from Jocelyn- Movies

Sometimes it can be hard to find something that you really want to watch on Netflix. Believe me, this is a nightly routine for me when I am winding down in bed. 295 more words

Movie Critique


Jocelyn’s POV-

I had been waiting for forever to see this movie. Amy Schumer is one of my new favorite female comedians, and I was just excited to see this movie she had finally made. 480 more words

Movie Critique

The Matrix

When I sat down to watch this, I’d already seen half of it through a compilation of gifs and references spattered across the internet. I’ve also seen the incredible legacy it’s left behind.

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The Gallows....

I liked this movie. One of the first horror movies to get me in a long time. The person I was with helped, screaming me and grabbing me, to create a true experience, haha. 225 more words




“Whiplash” follows the story of Andrew Neiman and his trials to get into his university jazz band, the greatest in the United States. On the surface, this doesn’t sound like my type of movie, but “hey, it’s in the top 250, why not give it a shot.” 281 more words