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Mallrats (1995) movie review

Though being a fan of Kevin Smith’s work, it’s only in recent months that I’ve actual found myself enjoying his second feature, Mallrats (1995). This feature follows the antics of two young men, TS (Jeremy London) and Brodie (Jason Lee), as they both find themselves recently dumped by their girlfriends. 812 more words


Clerks (1994) and Clerks 2 (2006) duo movie review

Though trying to keep in the habit of writing a review after every movie I watch, I realised I hadn’t written anything on Clerks (1994) last week; so, to make up for it, I decided to write a duo-review on the original and it’s sequel. 711 more words


Treasure Planet (2002) movie review

While in a mood to watch an animated Disney flick, I found myself suddenly intrigued to re-watch one of the films released during my childhood, … 949 more words


The Jungle Book I (2016) Movie Review

The jungle book

the jungle book

The Jungle Book I (2016) – IMDB

Movie Review:

Hello everyone,

Today’s movie review is on the adaptation of the 1894 book series, as well as being a remake of the popularly remade film(s)  186 more words


Rebel Without A Cause (1956) movie review [re-watch]

I recently convinced my partner to watch the James Dean classic, Rebel Without A Cause, with me; being a big fan of Dean I was more than excited to cuddle and re-watch the late actor’s most famous role. 696 more words


The Weekly Review: The Jungle Book

I was chillen in my room the other day doing absolutely nothing… and it felt GOOOOD. It made me reflect on the better days yearrss ago before work, school, and social media when my biggest problem was figuring out how to sneak outside my room after bedtime to finish watching the Disney movie of the night! 638 more words

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The Weekly Review: Hardcore Henry

I had a crazy dream once. This was after a long day of binge-watching Breaking Bad, playing Bioshock Infinite, and inhaling a breakfast burrito and a medium horchata (they only offer medium and large for some reason) from Albertacos right before bed at 2am. 972 more words

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