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aprivateVSN: "The Godfather", Differently.

Marlon Brando. Al Pacino. Francis Ford Coppola.

Known as one of the greatest film series in American history, The Godfather Trilogy is an exercise in precise cinematic presentation. 377 more words

Demon (2015): Finding Beauty Within Fear

All the bridges that you burn come back one day to haunt you, sings Tracy Chapman, in a verse that explains in the simplest, shortest way possible, the premise of the Polish horror movie… 815 more words

Movie Critic

Rating: 6.6/10.0 (IMDb)
Genre: Romance, drama
Cast: Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina), Jude Law (Alexi Karenin), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Alexei Vronsky)
Director: Joe Wright… 407 more words


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Is it though? Is it the final chapter? Remember this is Hollywood, there will be a Resident Evil 37 called “The Actual Final Chapter”. The truth of the matter is that many 90’s kids grew up watching Resident Evil. 706 more words


Day 13: El Topo

3Another movie day, but with significant meaning. El Topo translated into english is “The mole”. The mole is an animal that digs passages searching for the sun. 422 more words

Day 12: The Holy Mountain

Today I watched a film I’ve been meaning to for a while now called “The Holy Mountain”. A thief goes on a journey to self enlightenment by meeting an alchemist who shows him the ways. 351 more words


Almost five months have passed since Nicolas Winding Refn introduced his latest movie, The Neon Demon (2016), and yet the discussion on whether this was a “good” movie or not, still hasn’t settled. 772 more words

Movie Critic