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NOSEDIVE Film Critique

Nosedive is a new Netflix released stand-alone episode of the series “Black Mirror” by Charlie Brooker. Directed by Atonement’s and Hanna’s Joe Wright, producer Laurie Borg, starring actress are Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve and actor James Naughton. 1,760 more words

Black Mirror

Five Reasons 'A Quiet Place' Is Winning the Box Office (And You Should See It)

Five reasons you need to see John Krasinski’s low-budget thriller that stressed sold-out theaters into sweating silences all across America last weekend:

*mild spoilers below* 1,455 more words

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Oscars 2018: Wows & Whoopsies

Well, Oscar fashion was historically infirm this year. A few dresses were excitingly bad, but overall, the Red Carpet of 2018 was bloated with enormous lethargy and pigheaded mediocrity. 2,424 more words

Movie Critiques

Why ‘Black Panther’ Is the Biggest Killmonger of Them All

Black Panther is beautiful, boring, and bad. Everything rich and colorful and magnificent—costumes, scenery, torsos—is ruined by prodigiously inept writing and astonishingly smug racism with a generous dose of heavy-handed moralizing. 2,567 more words

Movie Critiques

Dunkirk: Christopher Nolan’s Brainy, Beautiful, Hollow Hurricane

I saw Dunkirk, yawned, and went to bed. I woke slowly to the ripping roar of jet engines at dawn (I had crashed at a friend’s house near SeaTac) and before opening my eyes, realized with a jolt: … 2,062 more words

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