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Best movie of 2016: Hacksaw Ridge

Not the winner: La La Land
Runner-up: 13 Hours
Indie winner: The River Thief
Superhero winner: Captain America: Civil War
Significant unseens: Arrival, Beasts of No Nation, 1,602 more words
Movie Critiques

Rogue One: A Climax in Search of Footing

Here’s a very unthorough, non-geeky review of the new Star Wars spinoff.

I wasn’t interested in Rogue One (lame trailers had something to do with it; not being an addict of the Star Wars universe had something else) until I heard that it was basically World War II in space. 861 more words

Movie Critiques

Dr. Strange

I saw Dr. Strange last night and here are the thoughts that were going through my head on the drive home. I could say more, but I’ll just say this. 642 more words

Movie Critiques

N.D. Wilson's 'The River Thief'

Imagine Flannery O’Conner made a movie.

My gut reaction walking out of the theater: Shock. The River Thief was shockingly funny, shockingly scary, shockingly grim, shockingly merry, shockingly bold with both good and evil. 1,293 more words

Movie Critiques

Hunt for the Wilderpeople: A Quirky Kiwi Film That Will Steal Your Heart

It’s been a long time since a movie touched me the way Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople did.  One minute you’re fighting back tears and the next you’re holding your side, gasping for air.   357 more words

Movie Critiques

No, YOU Move: Why Every American Should be #TeamCap

Civil War isn’t the best Captain America film, but it is certainly the best Avengers. With the movie’s emotional fulcrum bridging multiple characters (leaving only a fraction to Steve Rogers) and the greatest character arc belonging to Tony Stark, … 1,648 more words

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