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Shin Godzilla: A Commentary on Japanese Politics

Shin Godzilla was briefly released at my local movie theater and my brother acquired 7 tickets for his birthday to take me and some friends to see his beloved monster rain destruction on Japan. 602 more words


All Our Loving

More famous than Kim Kardashian’s reality show life, than Michael Jordan’s athletic and advertising domination, than Michael Jackson’s pop/R&B dance anthems and even (allegedly) more famous than Jesus—Ladies and gentlemen… The Beatles. 563 more words

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Visions of History

“Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.” The Birth of Nation opens with this quote by Thomas Jefferson. 904 more words

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Power Rangers Movie Trailer Discussion

Just woke up to find out that trailer for new Power Ranger movie has dropped.  And after watching it for like 30-40 times I just thought i will share my thoughts about the trailer. 168 more words


The Music of Ordinary Phrases

“Everyone’s very, very nervous, and… um, unsure of things,” sings a concerned single mother (played by Oliva Colman) as she gazes hesitantly out of the window of her modest row house. 742 more words

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My thoughts on Nocturnal Animals


From the very first minute and throughout the whole film, I was thoroughly enthralled. Nocturnal Animals is superbly filmed and along with the performances from the entire cast, riveting plot, and interesting characters, it’s one hell of a thrill ride. 136 more words

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My thoughts on The Birth of a Nation


I really enjoyed this film! I thought that Nate Parker did a terrific job with his directorial debut as well as showing his acting and writing chops. 148 more words

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