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Why 'World War Z 2' Is An Exciting Movie

Ask most film fans to rattle off some movies they’d like a sequel to, and World War Z probably wouldn’t be on that list. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2013 globe trotting zombie adventure; it was a well directed, well acted amalgamation of everything from action to horror – something that went in its favour when attempting to appeal to the mass audiences necessary to claw back its huge $190 million budget. 361 more words

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Stand By Me & Other Coming of Age Tales

While it’s a common trope, the coming of age tale is one that – when done well – will change the lives of any young kid who watches them. 773 more words

Classic Movies

My thoughts on Mission Impossible Rogue Nation


WOW! This movie was a fun ride! It’s just an awesome movie overall and I like this Mission Impossible slightly better than Ghost Protocol. 184 more words


My thoughts on It Follows

“One of the best horror flicks of all time”

First off, I’m not a big fan of horror films as a whole but for some reason I really wanted to watch this one. 217 more words


Discussing Emotions Inside Out

Some of the best discussions I’ve ever had with groups have happened because of a movie. Beginning way back when Disney released “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and I took the youth group, to a moving community and church discussion of “The Passion of the Christ,” right up to the current Pixar/Disney movie “Inside Out,” a good movie has sparked all kinds of theologizing for me. 244 more words

Faith Formation

TV/Movie Discussion - Genre Praise: Spy Thrillers

I have always been a huge fan of the spy genre. The missions are seemingly impossible, the agents are lethal and the gadgets are dangerously cool. 122 more words


The Biggest Problem With Jared Leto's Joker

If you show even a remote interest in browsing the internet, chances are you’ve seen this picture.

You may have had to dig a little deeper for the spy… 559 more words