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Day 23: The Wailing

I realize that it’s been a few days since my last game of Netflix Roulette. However, since I don’t want to push my luck (let’s be realistic, hitting gold twice in a row on Netflix is not likely (okay, I know that I’m falling prey to the gambler’s fallacy, but still, it just seems greedy to want to win again)) I decided to go to my curated list and pick a movie that have been recommended (after this write-up, it means that I’m down to five (so, please keep those recommendations coming)). 547 more words

Movie Discussion

The Original Tron: Is It Good Or Bad?

This is a question I posed to myself while watching through the original Tron movie yesterday. I’m not sure if I had seen the whole film before watching the film, as certain things I didn’t seem to recall. 989 more words


Day 16: They Look Like People

While I enjoyed writing up my experience of the V/H/S trilogy and was looking forward to watching my first new horror movies in nearly a month, I wasn’t quite ready to play another round of Netflix Roulette… I need a bit of a palate cleanser. 916 more words

Movie Discussion

Day 15: V/H/S/2

This one is going to be relatively short… I’m sure this doesn’t surprise anyone considering that I pretty much gave away my feelings about V/H/S/2… 846 more words

Movie Discussion

Day 14: V/H/S

As some of you may recall, the last movie I wrote up was V/H/S Viral, the third in a trilogy of films… of which I had previously seen exactly zero installments. 814 more words

Movie Discussion

La La Land, a movie discussion

…and yet another thing to welcome to the blog… movie discussions. This long-term blog series will share my thoughts on some of the movies I come by, starting with La La Land, which I have recently watched a lot and wanted to share my opinion on with you. 1,092 more words


Prince Album #9: Sign o' the Times [The Movie]

Disclaimer: this is part of a 13,000+ word post about the album and I decided 11 days later to split it into multiple entries.
This is on the movie itself. 2,351 more words