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Dracula Vs The Wolf Man

It is time…our final Halloween HORROR Cinema Showdown of the month! ‘Dracula(1931)’ vs. ‘The Wolf Man(1941)’. We have a battle of Universal’s Classic Monsters. Bela Lugosi’s original ‘Dracula’, based off Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel has forever left an imprint on it’s genre and vampire films. 81 more words



For over 100 years, moving pictures have evolved into some of the world’s largest spectacles that aren’t sports. Racking in millions and billions of dollars in ticket sales, downloads, and DVD sales, movies are doing well for themselves, and over time we have seen the classics stand true and the new age of cinema make it’s presence felt. 566 more words


When You Lose your Costume and Have only a Ridiculous Undershirt

I wrote this discussion of The Walk, comparing Philippe Petit’s life to a life of faith. I wanted to add something.

Philippe lost his costume as he was getting ready to step out on the wire and he was furious. 919 more words


My thoughts on Beasts of No Nation

“One of the best war films ever”

Just want to point out that I watched Beasts of No Nation on the big screen during TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). 360 more words


My thoughts on The Walk


Robert Zemeckis gives us another phenomenal film! I really enjoyed this film and was surpised by how much I really liked it.

“The Walk” is about a street performer named Phillippe Petit (Joseph Gordon Levitt) who becomes insipired/obsessed to hang a high wire between the two Twin Towers and walking on it. 156 more words


Evil Dead vs The Cabin in the Woods

Horror Month is finally here, which means that we will be delivering a whole month’s worth of Horror theme showdowns for you. First up we have two cabin related horror movies, Evil Dead vs The Cabin in the Woods. 69 more words


Bridesmaids Vs The Hangover


This week we have two great wedding centered comedies. Bridesmaids Vs The Hangover. Stick around to hear our movie pitches starring Jack Nicholson in a Bachelor part movie. Enjoy