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My thoughts on the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer

Tom “motherfucking” Cruise! In the last Mission Impossible movie, Tom Cruise was literally on the Burj Khalifa (Dubai Tower). I had no idea what he would do to up the stakes of that stunt. 279 more words


My thoughts on The Way Way Back

I was shocked how good this movie was after watching it. “The Way Way Back” is one of my favourite movies of all time! The story is about a teenage boy, Duncan, on summer vacation with his family. 198 more words


My thoughts on San Andreas Trailer #2

This is destruction porn at it’s finest! It’s obviously gonna be very cheesy but it looks like a very fun entertaining movie.  It also stars The Rock and the lovely Alexandra Daddario! 89 more words


My thoughts on Tomorrowland Trailer #2

Wow! I was very excited to see Tomorrowland after the first trailer was released but I was a bit skeptical. After viewing the second trailer, I have come to the conclusion that Tomorrowland will be simply amazing! 127 more words


My thoughts on Focus

Focus isn’t the most mind blowing con-movie, but it’s entertaining. It’s very fun and it was very well paced. The story was very interesting too, you learned a lot about being a con-artist. 149 more words


The Spoiler Room reviews the 25th Anniversary of Nightbreed and Frankenhooker

Here is the second episode in the Spoiler Room’s “25th Anniversary” series.  I had the honor of participating on the discussion panel of this podcast with several of my favorite movie fans. 40 more words


My thoughts on The Spectacular Now

Wow! This isn’t your normal general rom-com, it’s a wonderful coming of age drama. The acting performances are fantastic all around! But, two faces shined in this film, and those were our two leads, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley. 212 more words