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My thoughts on The Avengers

This is by far the best Marvel movie as well as one of the greatest superhero movies to date! Joss Whedon did a brilliant job introducing us to Earth’s mightiest heroes in just 120 minutes with a compelling and very entertaining story from start to finish. 245 more words


Charlie Bartlett & the Issue of Selling Prescription Drugs

The movie Charlie Bartlett follows a troubled teenager who is looking to become popular in his new school. At first, he is picked on because he dresses like he is a teacher and he clearly comes from a rich family. 455 more words

Drug Culture

"Avengers: Age of Ultron": It’s a bridge and it has people on it

Two-days late, but NON-SPOILER review/op for Avengers: Age of Ultron ahead:

Should you watch it: If you’ve watched The Avengers and other Marvel movies and you’re cool with slow burns, yes; if you’re new to the franchise and you like character building, yes. 1,017 more words


My thoughts on Short Term 12

Heartwarming and Heartbreaking! Simply Beautiful!

“Short Term 12″ is a wonderful film about neglected youths, the human spirit, and ultimately about relationships.

The film primarily follows three story lines; the main one is about Grace, a very caring supervisor at a foster-care facility whose past comes back to haunt her, another one is about a 17-year old boy named Marcus, a kid who has to be discharged from the facility when he turns 18 years old  and finally about a girl named Jayden, a troubled teenager that deals with neglect and parental abuse. 98 more words


Announcement and Dancing With The Stars

Hey, Hi, how are you?

Wellll I got some announcements for you lovely people ;) I’m gonna participate in a live show (on youtube) with 3 other girl movie reviewers :D We’re gonna talk about movies and stuff it’s gonna be cool….like a winter day….wait no that would be freezing then…ok here’s the info: 186 more words


Tuff Turf- the one movie where RDJ and James Spader were friends

That’s about as hard to believe as the fact I actually decided to watch this movie… and as hard to believe as the fact I kinda liked it. 1,838 more words

My thoughts on Furious 7

If your are a fan of this franchise, this is truly a must-see! It has all key elements of the Fast & Furious franchise! Hot chicks, Sexy Cars, Fun action sequences, and Awesome one-liners and more! 215 more words

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