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Yes, ini film udah saya tunggu banget dari awal Desember. Secara yang main Chris Pratt gitu, apalagi ceweknya J-Law. Ditambah lagi tema filmnya science fiction , tema yang saya suka. 190 more words

Real Life

An Absolute Movie Freak !

Movies. Who doesn’t like movies ? For me, myself, I am an absolute MOVIE FREAK !! Why ? That’s because I love watching films. That is one of my best mood booster for life. 670 more words


Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Hola halo hobang! Kali ini saya mau review tentang film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Rabu kemarin saya udah kebelet nonton ini film. Secara para pecinta Harry Potter pasti gatel kalau udah denger Mamak J.K Rowling nelurin buku yang dibuat film. 334 more words

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Now You See Me 2

Hola halo aloha! Dika is back. Kali ini saya mau sharing pengalaman penjebakan yang pelakunya ya saya sendiri.
Ceritanya saya dan Anggita, teman saya, berencana mau nonton film. 215 more words

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"Movie Freak" (2016) by Owen Gleiberman

Legendary Entertainment Weekly  …  now Variety … film critic Owen Gleiberman’s memoir “Movie Freak” is the best memoir of an arts critic I’ve ever read.  As much as I love and admire Roger Ebert’s memoir “Life Itself,” Gleiberman’s memoir blows Ebert’s excellent book out of the water.  450 more words


Captain America: Civil War Review

You know what happens when you have a great director, an amazing story line and totally awesome characters? Yep, I’m talking about a Marvel movie, specifically Cap’s third one that was released last week. 489 more words


July for Jason Bourne

Have you watched Jason Bourne’s trailer video?
Well if you haven’t yet, now you should.
Are you excited for this movie?
Well it’s up to you, but for me personally I literally can’t wait. 327 more words