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My October Movie Freak

October ended just a few minutes.
It’s a good time to say good bye and giving you my October movie freak time! *excited*
Got 4 movies in 2 days; 1 movie in Day 1 and marathon in Day 2 (3 movies non-stop, without rest time!). 671 more words


My January Movie Freak

Welcome back on my Movie Freak Time! ;)
The very first movie I’ve been watched in 2015 goes to Liam Neeson’s movie.
It is Taken 3,  186 more words


Greeting and Salutations

I am a walking idiosyncrasy.

I’m kind of a loner, borderline agoraphobic, unless the mood strikes me.  While most people see this as a negative aspect to my personality, I think it’s quite positive because it has allowed me to really figure out who I am as a person.  935 more words


My September Movie Freak

Hi Felas!
Been a long time not post anything yet for a few weeks.
So, here we go…

Last Saturday I spent my “me time” by wathced a movie (which I called it  418 more words


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Decent effort but nothing like the first one!

What I look for in an animated movie is tons of humour (like the expressions of weird characters). 84 more words

Movie Freak

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Fun but predictable.

The movie is crude. In the movie, CIA is ill-equipped, and sloppy (I like the image a cold calculated spy). The movie is not that bad but it has nothing standing out. 52 more words

Movie Freak


No, This is not how gladiator works.

Gladiator is about pride and honour. Watch Russell Crowe bro! That was a movie worth watching. This was *sigh* another failure. 83 more words

Movie Freak