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George C. Scott as Scrooge

DATELINE: Holly Not in His Heart

Each Christmas season we are inundated with a variety of the myriad movie versions of the Charles Dickens classic, 295 more words

Dreaded Satire

Directed by John Ford, Updated

DATELINE:  America’s Master Director

Johns Wayne & Ford

A documentary on the career of American film master John Ford really came about shortly before he died in 1971. 264 more words

Movie Reviews

Classic Review: Casablanca

I had a chance a few days ago to go see the award winning movie Casablanca in a 2 night only theater run in honor of its 75th anniversary. 519 more words


A Visit : Australian Centre For Moving Image (ACMI)

My friend was really surprised when I said I have never been to ACMI despite living in Melbourne for almost three years. The expression coming out from his mouth was “Are you serious, girl. 659 more words


The Green Berets: John Wayne, Vietnam and the Cultural Divide

In June 1968, The Green Berets made its debut in the United States at the height of the Vietnam War, which had grown increasingly unpopular amid the anti-war movement. 227 more words

Kevin Spacey’s World Revisited

DATELINE:  Recanting Our Blog

Additional charges against Kevin Spacey have now come out of the closet, increasing the validity of the original accusation.

What is tragic here is that he has just finished a movie called… 337 more words

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