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TREASURE CHEST: Some things are always "Fresh" (1994.)

We are all lost in the symbolic game of chess with ourselves. As Samuel L. Jackson politely pointed out:

“Your queen is just a pawn with some fancy moves, nothing more.” 731 more words

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From Hindi Film to Bollywood - Raising Social Awareness - A scene from 'Mother India' (1957)

From Hindi Film to Bollywood:

Raising Social Awareness

Films predominately reflect the country of their origin. India, now officially autonomous after the end of the British Raj, was in the midst of an evolution. 214 more words

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70th anniversary: "Band of Brothers" are the best WW2 depiction ever made.

Anniversaries are delicate when the important events are concerned. In modern times there are few anniversaries more important than the VE Day of the World War Two. 1,589 more words

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TREASURE CHEST: The meanings of "Keoma" (1976)

Spaghetti western has a simple storyline. There is always a hero, alone against everybody, trying to free the oppressed against greedy and emotionless villains. Almost every spaghetti western can fall into that category, and it was refreshing to find one as different as it can be. 803 more words

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Seminal Cinema Outfit presents Italian neorealism to Art Film (1940 - 1970)

1940’s and The Birth of Neorealism

Italian neorealism saw a stark contrast in how we perceive film. World War II was over and its aftermath had to be confronted. 165 more words

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TREASURE CHEST: Irish are the blacks of Europe in "The Comittments" (1991)

Ireland is a country of workers and simple folks. It’s situated on an isolated island and as such is considered as a god forsaken land by the continental people. 659 more words

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