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100 Movies Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars)

This is genius someone has created a mashup of 100 movie clips which fit perfectly in time with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ track ‘Uptown Funk’ did your all time favourite movie feature?


100 movie scenes synced to "Uptown Funk"

Love a good mashup?  The website What’s The Mashup? has compiled dance scenes from 100 movies and synced them all to the  Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ hit song… 23 more words


This Is What Happens When You Mash Up The Movie Studio Opening Logos

So what would happen when you mash-up all of the major Hollywood movie studio logos in one video?  The YouTube channel ART404 asks that question.  In the video, all of the opening sequences to the movie studios plays at the same time, along with the music!   12 more words


Just wondering about this ...

Suppose The Hunger Games and Persuasion had a deeper connection than both being entertaining fiction?

One never knows.

In my version Mary gets killed right at the cornucopia so we don’t have to listen to her whine. 29 more words

Susan Kaye

Stanley Kubrick Meets Wes Anderson In This Fake Trailer For 'The Grand Overlook Hotel'

There seems to be an ongoing desire for fans to create their own videos inspired by Wes Anderson‘s quirky directing style. Recently, we’ve seen what it would look like… 104 more words


Here's What 'Furious 7' Would Look Like If Created By Disney Pixar

What if Furious 7 was directed by Pixar?

IGN went and answered just that with the pretty clever mashup above. They combined clips from… 67 more words