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Period Drama Film Recommendations

Recently I have been searching for well-made period dramas to watch. While I have found a few recommendation lists, after researching the films, I found that the majority are not the type of movies that I would watch. 1,006 more words


A Movie Moment that would be Awkward in Real Life

Have you ever watched a scene in a movie and wondered how the characters moved on? Maybe it’s a beautiful concluding love scene. Maybe it’s just there to give you a vital piece of information or character development. 488 more words


Movie Moments - January

As a lover of words and images, I suppose it’s no surprise that I love a good movie. I would choose watching a film over idly flicking through TV channels any day of the week (although I have recently got into watching The West Wing – go figure!). 447 more words

My Top 20 Movie Moments

For as long as I can remember, my family watched movies together. We have this weird talent (annoying trait, to some, I’m sure) for remembering movie lines and quoting them back to each other in rapid fire. 2,423 more words


Olympia D's Kids Movie Moment!

If your kid is like my Ladybug, then they’ve been waiting for this day for at least a month!!  Today, the new movie, “Minions” debuts in the box office!  43 more words


What's your "Movie Moment"?

We’ve all seen the movies where one moment in time – some words of praise from a boss, a teacher’s encouragement, a delayed flight or a missed phone call are the cause for the way the person’s life turns out, as they know it.   609 more words