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Tamil Cinema is getting betterment with Script and Making

Tamil Cinema is heading in the right path of growth with the big stars aiming not only to develop market but also to develop the standards of the Tamil cinema.This is a very helping asset for the growth of our industry.A good Script will win but a good script with a Big star will reach more even heights.Here are some movies which will take or which already took Tamil Cinema to the next level with its making and Script. 342 more words

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Superman Arrives In New Justice League Promo Banner

A new promotional banner (above) has been released for the upcoming action superhero hit movie, Justice League. The new movie banner included Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel (Superman) this time around. 27 more words

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Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot To Host new ‘Saturday Night Live’ season 43

‘Saturday Night Live’ season 43

NBC has announced that Gal Gadot Wonder Woman will be co-hosting the 43 season of Saturday Night Live on October 7 together with the musical guest, Sam Smith. 88 more words

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Trailer for Wes Anderson's Return to Stop-Motion "Isle of Dogs" Drops

In a film world saturated in reboots and franchises, leave it it to Wes Anderson to provide some levity in the form of a trailer for his latest original film,  329 more words

5 Things Expected in Mersal Teaser

With Expectations at its peak, Mersal teaser is releasing today and every fan around the world are eagerly waiting to witness this Teaser from Today evening.So what would be the things expected in the teaser Today… 304 more words

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List of Adult Comedy Genre Films in Tamil

There are many genres which are not explored or neglected by our Industry for the prestige of our culture.One such kinda genre is Adult Comedy genre.By taking movies they are just entertaining the people and the people who enjoys these kinda movies are still there.For a long period this genre was unnoticed in our K’town but in the last few years this has been welcomed with audience seeing cinema just as entertainment.So for those fans here are few Adult comedy movies Released and going to be released. 224 more words

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Bonehill Road Greatness

For those who are are not on Facebook we are having the World Premier of Bonehill Road on October 20th at 9pm central. This will be at the Screenland Armour in North Town. 478 more words