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Movie Night: Black Panther Review

(Spoiler Alert)

The 18th Marvel film “Black Panther” is a great movie, but not the revolutionary  and game changing film the media tried it’s hardest to make us all think (which anyone with a brain knew that), but it’s an good start for the first film of the year I’ve seen (technically it was mazinger z but you know what I mean). 1,668 more words


A Couple Days In

Right now we are waiting on a weather event.  We are supposed to be getting some icy conditions.  Pain level is up some.  We are ready to stay in for a couple of days.  61 more words

Movie Review: Wonder

It’s another movie night and I finally got to see the much-anticipated Wonder. Wonder is a 2017 American drama that follows a 13-year old boy, Auggie Pullman ( 794 more words

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Positive Thought 17/2/2018

Watching a beautiful movie “I miss you already” feeling grateful for being healthy. Nice to stay in relax and enjoy a good Saturday night movie

Positive Thought Project 2018

Movie Night Activity

COCO Inspired Movie Activity

Last Friday we watched COCO for the first time and let me tell you, we were in tears 😭. It’s such a beautiful movie and I really recommend you to watch it. 539 more words


The Binge of all Binges

The binge of a lifetime happened two weeks ago. And even though I have fully recovered from the lack of sleep on Friday 2nd of February, I will never forget the time spent in both joy and agony trying to pry my eyes open. 410 more words

The Greatest Showman (2017) - All for the love of Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman really is The Greatest Showman. We’ve all known he’s the classic triple threat, but somehow it’s his performance as P.T. Barnum that shows us what that really means. 930 more words

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