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Bad Review?

I think every one should leave a bad review. Not to get something out of it, but to share their experiences. I have one to share. 760 more words

12 Days of Christmas Day 4- Christmas Activities

Day 4 is all about fun activities to do during the holiday season. So grab your friends and family and let’s get going!

Christmas Movie Night: 466 more words


Is a lifestyle session right for your family?

Winter is on it’s way and I know not all of you are as excited as I am. While I look forward to the first snow and ski trips and sledding, I want to remind you that winter isn’t all bad! 300 more words


Favourite Festive Scenes - TV & Film

We all know and love the classic Christmas films, from Home Alone to Love Actually, we’re spoilt for choice!

Instead of doing the usual “Favourite Films” list post, I want to share with you some of my favourite festive film and TV scenes from across the years. 444 more words

My Perfect Cosy Winter Night In

I hate winter. I love Christmas but I hate winter. I don’t like the cold. I don’t like snow. I don’t like the wet and the wind. 299 more words


December Film Screenings: White Elephants

Getting a surprise gift sounds exciting and special, doesn’t it? But as anyone who has participated in a white elephant gift exchange knows, not every surprise gift is a welcome one. 292 more words


The Man Who Invented Christmas

The most iconic Christmas story, after The Nativity, has got to be Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Reshaped time and time again in different written and film versions, it’s a story known universally across the ages.  487 more words