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Movie of the Month: October 2015

Another busy month with lots of interesting and varied movies, here are the contenders for movie of the month: onth:

McFarland: (I actually saw this at the end of September but forgot to add it my list) Disney does these true life sporting movies really well, see Million Dollar Arm, Invincible and Miracle for example.  609 more words

Movie Of The Month

The Vampire Mafia of Innocent Blood (1992) vs. The Zombie Mafia of Shrunken Heads (1994)

One of the stranger details of our Swampchat discussion of October’s Movie of the Month, John Landis’ 1992 horror comedy Innocent Blood, was that we couldn’t think of a single other film that featured a vampire mafia. 515 more words

Brandon Ledet

Lost in Hong Kong

Movie of the Month: gang jiong

This comedy directed by and starring Xu Zheng quickly shifts from funny to outright farcical. Without giving too much away I will say that the brothel scene is genuinely hilarious and that, due to the largely slapstick nature, you don’t really need to know that much Mandarin. 506 more words

Movie Of The Month

Movie of the Month: September 2015

The busiest month of the year so far with a huge variety of films ranging from the disposable to a  couple of instant classics.

Hitman: Agent 47: 701 more words

Movie Of The Month

Emily Pear's Top 5 Fashion Moments in The Boyfriend School (1990)

Between Lizzie’s eccentric wardrobe and Lobo’s out-of-control Australian biker attire, it’s easy to glance over Emily’s fashion choices in The Boyfriend School, but after watching this film over and over again (which I have), she has both of them beat by a landslide. 462 more words

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The Guttenberg School or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Gutte (in Just 5 Easy Steps)

While we were discussing September’s Movie of the Month, 1990’s The Boyfriend School, it was amusing to me that no one around here could muster anything cruelly negative to say about the film’s male lead, Steve Guttenberg. 1,882 more words

Lists & Articles

Unexpected Horror in the Romance Novelist Rom-Coms She-Devil (1989) & The Boyfriend School (1990)

While we were discussing September’s Movie of the Month, the Steve Guttenberg/Jami Gertz will-they-won’t-they comedy from Hell The Boyfriend School, we had a hard time pinning down the film’s exact genre. 1,327 more words

Brandon Ledet