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The Reverence & Irreverence for Unicorns in Black Moon (1975) & Legend (1985)

When we were discussing August’s Movie of the Month, the surrealist fantasy art piece Black Moon, it was all too easy to pick on the film’s depiction of a plump & frumpy unicorn, since that’s not the image we typically associate the mythical beast with. 841 more words

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Movie of the Month: July 2016

I have been to see six movies in July, twice as many as June, half as many as May.  I have not been distracted from the cinema, there just hasn’t been much to see.   595 more words

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Citizen Ruth (1996), Election (1999), and the Erosion of the Female POV in Alexander Payne's Filmography

July’s Movie of the Month, the 1996 abortion-themed black comedy Citizen Ruth, was the debut feature from blistering satirist Alexander Payne. Since this initial work of relentlessly bleak humor, Payne has consistently delivered soul-crippling dramedies that typically fall somewhere between Todd Solondz & Noah Baumbach in their meticulous indulgence in human despair. 934 more words

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The Strangely Imperfect Trinity of Top-Billed Laura Dern Performances

When we were discussing July’s Movie of the Month, Alexander Payne’s mid-90s abortion comedy debut Citizen Ruth, I noted how rare of a treat it was to see Laura Dern receive top bill in a film, any film. 2,211 more words

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Citizen Ruth (1996), Obvious Child (2014), and the Trajectory of the Modern Abortion Comedy

July’s Movie of the Month, writer-director  Alexander Payne’s debut feature film Citizen Ruth, is a pitch black comedy about a woman pressured to have (or not to have) an abortion by political activists who care far less about her right to choose (or her unborn fetus’s right to life) than they do about scoring political points in the mass media. 1,343 more words

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Movie of the Month: June 2016

After a busy May, I only saw three movies in June for a number of reasons: A holiday (that also included me performing best man duties at a wedding), European football championships, lots of Films I couldn’t be bothered to see and few Films I would have liked to have seen that were not being shown at my local cinema.  196 more words

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JUNE 2016 Viewing Recap + Movie of the Month

Wow, the first half of the year has come and gone! I don’t know about you but 2016 felt like a blur to me for some reason. 359 more words

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