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Five Albums I Would Love to See in the Style of Girl Walk // All Day (2011)

May’s Movie of the Month selection, Girl Walk // All Day, was such a unique experience. After initially viewing the film, I couldn’t help but think of albums that I would love to see done in the style of… 391 more words

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Illegal Art: Miyazaki's On Your Mark (1995) & Girl Walk // All Day (2011)

When Brandon first mentioned that there might be some difficulty finding Girl Walk // All Day in order to watch it as this month’s MotM… 577 more words

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Why Captain America: Civil War is hitting all the right notes

Some superhero films make you sit back and appreciate what is being played out on the silver screen. Some make you sit back and grimace at the predictable plot and has-been scenarios. 812 more words


Movie of the Month: April 2016

Nine movies, one was rubbish, four were okay, four are contenders for movie of the month:

Eddie the Eagle: Dexter Fletcher’s take on the true story of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards.  415 more words

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Bedazzled (2000) as the Gender-Swapped My Demon Lover (1987) of My Nightmares

During our Swampchat discussion of April’s Movie of the Month, the romantic horror comedy My Demon Lover, I proposed than a potentially interesting way to remake the film for a modern audience would be to swap the genders of its protagonists. 900 more words

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Why Wasn't My Demon Lover (1987) Directed by Ate de Jong?

There’s something a little off about My Demon Lover director Charlie Loventhal’s filmography as listed on IMDb. Loventhal seems to have a small string of slightly-edgy rom-coms that fit in with half of… 543 more words

Brandon Ledet

Movie of the Month: March 2016

A couple of questionable movie rub shoulders with five great contenders for movie of the month, they are:

Hail Caesar: The Coen Brothers most Coen Brothers movie in years.  328 more words

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