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Episode 121: Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood

It’s a new year and its time for some new blood. The Jason train is plowing through the new year and the kills keep coming. Back from the dead, thanks to Tina and her freakiness-crystal lake’s favorite boy is ready to rage. 152 more words


Episode 120: Friday The 13th Part VI Jason Lives (Revisited)

Jason lives. What better Christmas movie is there to end out December-oh shit, forget about December, there’s no better way to send 2016 out to pasture than with a grueling gash from Jason’s machete. 227 more words


[Repost] Lost EP- Polar Express 2

We missed the holidays with this one last year for one reason or another, so we are proud to repost it this year during the season of joy! 120 more words


The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #281: Strictly News 12.19.2016



Strictly News is where we discuss the latest in film trailers, news, and box office.

(00:00:00) Intro
(00:00:46) Movie Trailer Talk
(00:43:24) Movie News


[On Demand] Christmas Movie Extravaganza (EP 51)

It’s Christmas time! What better way to celebrate the holidays than checking out The Last Row Podcast’s On Demand Christmas Extravaganza? Sit by the fire as Drew and Badway tell you tales of their favorite holiday movies, debate what qualifies as a true Christmas movie, and take an extended look at the relationships of your significant other’s favorite holiday rom-com, … 104 more words


The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #280: Office Christmas Party



This week we head to the biggest Office Christmas Party you’ve ever seen! That doesn’t necessarily make it a good party, does it? Find out on this week’s edition of The Screen Watchers Guild. 7 more words


Episode 117: Changes

This week we have decided to enrich our format by discussing several movie concepts and movies we have watched throughout this past week. Remakes and reboots aplenty. 91 more words