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Fan Theories We Actually Don't Hate


On this special episode of the Now Conspiring podcast, we talk fan theories. Mainly, the ones we totally believe should be real. They’re all pretty solid except for mine. 82 more words

Jon Negroni

SPECIAL ENCORE EPISODE : The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra / Top 3 Movies with Skeletons in em!

Once again, we’re taking this week to revisit a CLASSIC Q REWIND with our sweet 16 episode, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra! If memory serves, Savage had a “bone” to pick with this one. 134 more words

Chappie & The Last Row(BOT) Rankings (EP 14)

What do you get when you mix hardcore analysis of movie robots and an undeniable urge to keep it gangsta? You get The Last Row Podcast… 128 more words


SPECIAL ENCORE EPISODE : Casa De Mi Padre / Top 3 Nude Scenes You Wish You'd Never Seen!

This week we take a step back to episode 31 for a quick Q REWIND! We get a small hiatus, and you can listen to us chat about Will Ferrell’s rear end -Again! 224 more words

The MFF Podcast is Here!

Hello all. Mark here.

The MFF podcast is here! We’ve teamed up with Shark Dropper Studios to bring you a podcast that will shake the foundations of this earth and revolutionize the art of talking. 137 more words

John Leavengood

The Karate Kid, Part III (EP 13)

Revenge is on The Last Row Podcast’s mind during a downright giddy discussion of The Karate Kid Part III (:The Ballad of Terry Silver… 87 more words


The Geek Show Episode 5 - Vice & Selfies in the Yabba


This week on Cinema Eclectica we break all the rules and anger the Great Internet Overlord. We also manage to cram in reviews of “Kinetta”, “Bitter Lake”, “Diary of a Lost Girl”, “Greatful Dead”, “Wake in Fright”, and “The Children’s Book of Cinema”. 46 more words

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