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Episode 164: Angels In The Outfield

Angels are the Warriors of the Lord. Soldiers of God. They have leveled Sodom and Gomorrah. Told Mary she would be the mother of Christ.  Fallen from grace to rule hell. 114 more words


Mini Movie Moments: The Exorcist (1973)

In honor of Halloween, Julia and Hannah watched The Exorcist for the first time and BOY WAS IT A LOT TO DEAL WITH. In this Mini Movie Moments episode, the ladies discuss their feelings about this 1973 classic. 45 more words

Coffee Corner: Stranger Things Season 2

Totally tubular, man! Stranger Things Season 2 is officially out and J & H are officially here to discuss all things strange in this week’s Coffee Corner! 64 more words


Episode 161: The Good Son

The good son is a movie that excells in truly setting the bar in regards to sociopaths. It could be argued that this is what happens when someone, child or adult, but having that person be a minor adds that extra level of horror, is too self obsessed and intelligent for their own good. 133 more words


Episode 160: Dr. Giggles

Today on the podcast we continue our October horrorthon with 1992’s Dr. Giggles! This town has a doctor and his name is Rendell. Stay away from his house, ’cause he’s a doctor from hell. 130 more words


October, 2004: Primer

Perhaps only third behind zombie films and emotional, character-driven dramas, time-travel gets explored regularly as a theme and is quite successful when it is. Within the last thirty years, we’ve been exposed to films such as  547 more words

Movie Review

September, 2004: Shaun of the Dead

Love him or hate him, you have to respect Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright for his creativity and the passion he brings to every project. 393 more words

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