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The Geek Show Episode 5 - Vice & Selfies in the Yabba


This week on Cinema Eclectica we break all the rules and anger the Great Internet Overlord. We also manage to cram in reviews of “Kinetta”, “Bitter Lake”, “Diary of a Lost Girl”, “Greatful Dead”, “Wake in Fright”, and “The Children’s Book of Cinema”. 46 more words

Movie Podcast

Yes, have some [Mailbag] (EP 12)

Why hasn’t Badway seen The Godfather movies yet? Did Drew cry at the end of The Dark Knight Rises? These burning questions and more are explored in a special “mailbag” edition of… 80 more words


She's All That (EP 11)

Love is in the air, as The Last Row Podcast takes the nerd glasses off of She’s All That to reveal its true beauty. No topic is off limits, as Drew and Badway discuss old men playing teenagers, high school DJs, Taylor Vaughan’s bout with PBF (permanent bitch face), and a greased up Paul Walker wrestling Freddie Prinze Jr. 77 more words


Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (EP 10)

After a week-long hiatus, The Last Row Podcast cooks up a new episode and gets back on track with a unique take on Under Siege 2: Dark Territory… 90 more words


John Leguizamo Must Pay!: Regarding Henry - Get Off My Podcast #16


We begin with the best ‘Indiana Jones or Han Solo?’ debate ever on the Internets! Jason and Jeremy, from Radio Bastard podcast, joins us on this episode for said Han & Indy debates PLUS the greatest breakdown of Regarding Henry ever (because nobody has ever done it) – HEY! 147 more words

Harrison Ford

Bloodsport (EP 08)

The Last Row Podcast delves deep into the underground fight scene to bring you the lowdown on the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme classic, Bloodsport. When they aren’t butchering the character names of the film, Drew and Badway discuss the art of the montage, dramatic pauses, splits, and the questionable logic of gambling a woman’s safety on a magic trick. 60 more words