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Sensus Divinipodcastis

Everyone has an innate awareness that there exists a gloriously sublime podcast.  And I am here to point you to it :-)

Allow me to introduce Sensus Divinipodcastis; a new podcast by yours truly. 309 more words


Aperture Hour Podcast: Episode 005 - My Wife Hates The Greasy Strangler

This week, the gang dissects The Greasy Strangler. Is the movie disgusting? Yes. Vulgar? Absolutely. Does it make you want to burn out your eyes after watching? 42 more words

Jack Frost (EP 65)

The guys at The Last Row Podcast kick off 2018 by dissecting the 1998 box-office bomb, Jack Frost. Drew and Badway are talking deadbeat dads, dead dads, snowman rules, snowman funerals (including the proper disposal of snowman ashes), and when exactly to quit your crappy band and stop burdening your poor wife and son. 26 more words


Aperture Hour Podcast: Episode 004 - Who Is Steve Higgins?

This week, the gang relies heavily on their knowledge of 2017 movies releases. Also, Tim does the worst Arnold impression ever, Ashley learns the difference between $1.2 million dollars and $102 million dollars, and Chad tries to figure out why he joined this podcast in the first place. 14 more words

You Could Watch This With A Rock #001

I did mention I was working on a podcast (or two, but not three or four). I present You Could Watch This With A Rock, a podcast where I try to convince my wife movies are fun, or even good, and she responds with scoffs and scorn to hilarious effect. 30 more words


Aperture Hour Podcast: Episode 003 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This week, the gang sees Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Surprise, surprise, their opinions vary. Also, Ashley explains how her mother tricked her into seeing  50 more words