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Dale Sherman: Quentin Tarantino FAQ

Quentin Tarantino FAQ has arrived! In honor of the book’s recent release, Dale Sherman has released a blog post exploring Samuel L. Jackson’s involvement in Quentin Tarantino films. 916 more words

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Quentin Tarantino On Retirement, Grand 70 MM Intl Plans For 'The Hateful Eight'

EXCLUSIVE: The lack of action at AFM is attributable in part to foreign buyer distraction over the fest’s A+ title, Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight… 2,550 more words


Missed The 2015 ASWIFTT Literary Visual & Performing Arts Awards?

If you missed The 2015 ASWIFTT Literary Visual & Performing Arts Awards you can listen to the show live on ASWIFTT RADIO YouTube Channel and blogtalkradio.com.   580 more words


ASWIFTT Author Site has a new home and look for its authors.  The ASWIFTT Author Site is a part of the ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Membership where members can start advertising their Literary, Visual and Performing Arts works on the ASWIFTT AUTHOR SITE located at 

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Spider-Man is Officially Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Disney and Sony Pictures have announced that the next Spider-Man movie will be produced by Marvel Studios. 271 more words

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Sexual Harassment Does Not Exist In Nollywood...True?

Enigmatic singer, Adokiye Kyrian, is not just talented in singing, but also adept at talking her way into the heat of things. If she is not making something happening, something is happening about her. 395 more words

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Know Thy Self!

I was angry a day ago about not being able to jump over the obstacles thrown my way on my attempt at producing a film, whether short or long. 384 more words

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