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10/14/16 - OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #14 – Chopping Mall.

***This post has a BONUS at the end for those of you who knew my wife Amy (www.amydixonfitness.com) in high school.

I just can’t help myself. 379 more words


thirteen spooky movie marathons to have this halloween - halloween 2016

Last week I talked about some of my favorite books to read during the Halloween season. This week, I’m going to get into some of my favorite festive movies for this time of year. 3,370 more words


The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal is a Fantasy film from 1982 directed and written by Jim Henson, and artistically designed by the legendary fantasy artist Brian Froud. The story is a dark tale about a splitting of the world into two, good and evil, and how this has caused evil to rule and destroy the world. 410 more words


Trailer Alert/Movie Recommendation: Blood Father

Have you ever watched ‘Taken’ and wished that Liam Neeson would be replaced by an aging, recovering alcoholic and who moonlights as a tattoo artist out of his trailer? 284 more words

Book People Talk Movies: Notting Hill

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This month’s Book People Talk Movies theme is:

I love free spot recommendations because I can just recommend any and every movie that I’ve ever loved – and even though that’s the case for this entire month, I’ve somehow ended up planning on recommending three movies that are my go-tos whenever I need something to have on in the background. 621 more words


It's Friday - See A Movie

It’s the weekend. A time for rest and relaxation. A time for movies. Here are some flicks to see this weekend.

Don’t Breathe

Whenever a movie is described as “shit-your-pants terrifying”, it’s safe to call it must-watch. 492 more words

Kooky ( Kuky se vraki)

Do you believe that the forest is full of tiny creatures, invisible to us humans, but very much alive and busily leading wonderful and extraordinary lives in between bushes and trees? 216 more words