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The best kinds of movies are the movies that make you feel something. This is easier said than done.

It’s possible for films to make us think and to have that thinking translate into feeling. 308 more words

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Re: Beware of Crimson Peak!

Finally got to see Crimson Peak (thank you, Amazon Instant Video!) and thought it was a great flick. For some reason, the film has been marketed as a horror movie when I would classify it as more of a Gothic romance or possibly a period thriller. 384 more words

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This film has the shortest title ever! It portrays a case in a country(Greece, but never openly admitted to be so in the film) where a political activist is put to death by powers with help of military and police. 80 more words


Short Film Recommendation: The Boy in the Bubble.

“Flirting with spells is asking for trouble”

The Boy in the Bubble.

I’m constantly looking for Movies to increase my Collection and yesterday I found this…

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Movie / TV Show Recommendations

My winter break is sadly coming to an end … but I would like to thank Hulu and Netflix for accompanying me every day the past 3 weeks. 273 more words

& Etc.


Boys Ranch (1946) (Early 20th Century)
Greyfriars Bobby(Disney, 1961) (Victorian Era Scotland)
The Flame & The Arrow (1950) (12th Century Italy)
The Great Imposter… 14 more words


Best Bets: International Cinema

Do you ever tire of American cinema? Do you love subtitles? Do you want to impress your friends with your knowledge of foreign movies? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” take a look at one of these fantastic foreign language films, now streaming on Netflix. 489 more words

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