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Netflix Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 2)

Things are about to get much, much worse… In a good way???

Before I say anything else, I should probably tell you that Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events… 587 more words

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Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

A stunning musical spectacle that definitely lives up to the hype.

For the past several months, people all over the internet have been raving about this feel-good musical based on the story of P. 599 more words

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TV Review: Marvel's 'The Gifted' (Season 1)

A fresh look at an old franchise, with family values in focus.

It seems like both Marvel and DC have been doing so many spin off TV shows recently. 866 more words

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Movie Review: Black Panther

A groundbreaking superhero romp with all the action, humor, and heart you’d expect from a Marvel film.

SPOILER WARNING: There are a few major spoilers ahead in this review, as I wanted to talk about some character arcs and plot points as in depth as possible. 1,291 more words


Movie Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi

A dramatic, tragic, exciting film taking all of Star Wars in a new direction.

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet during the past few days, you’ve probably realized that a lot of people really liked  1,121 more words

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Netflix Review: Stranger Things (Seasons 1-2)

Netflix’s hit original series more than lives up to the hype.

If you’ve been on the internet at all within the last year or so, you’ve definitely heard of… 1,110 more words

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Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

A refreshing, humorous flick to break up a long line of darker films.

As you know, I can never resist a Marvel movie, and I’ve been pretty hyped up for this one for a while now. 591 more words

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