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Ratchet And Clank

Director: Kevin Munroe (2016)

From Super Mario Bros. (1993) to Street Fighter (1995), Hollywood has a low scoring rate when trying to turn video games into cinema hits. 361 more words

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What if your entire world was a small room in a garden shed?

With no one to hear your cries and a small son to take care of, what do you do? A review of the film Room. 438 more words

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Mini-Review - "Mister Roberts" (1955)

I am so glad I decided to watch “The Caine Mutiny” before watching “Mister Roberts,” because that made this experience so hilarious.

Both films take a slightly different approach to a similar story, about a rundown navy ship during World War II, run by a captain that is only out for himself and have gone a bit insane, while the crew is less than thrilled following a crazed-captains’ orders. 516 more words


Not About Plants (Green Room Review)

A down-on-their-luck punk band (Anton Yelchin, Joe Cole, Alia Shawkat, and Callum Turner) accept an offer to play a rural Oregon club before calling their failing tour quits. 784 more words

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I Saw The Light - Film Review

I Saw The Light – Film Review by Frank L.

Directed by Marc Abraham
Writers: Marc Abraham, Colin Escott (book)
Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, Maddie Hasson… 389 more words


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review – Minor spoilers

I heard a lot of bad reviews on this one before I saw it, though I didn’t read any that had spoilers in them. And I know it’s on its way out of theaters, but I have Things To Say about it, so here we go… 792 more words

The Comedy (2012) Movie Review

Rick Alverson’s The Comedy is not a comedy. It is an anti-comedy. A satire of a self-destructive generation gazing on their own broken world. The film opens on a group of people, mostly slightly overweight men, drinking and dancing, spitting beer and stripping nude. 481 more words

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