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I still hide to smoke - women and nudity -

Original title :à mon age je me cache encore pour fumer

A provoking title , scenes of nude women and  sexual talk .The perfect combination of what is called a… 569 more words

REVIEW: Thoroughbreds (2018)

The following is a review of Thoroughbreds — Directed by Cory Finley.

Remember My Chemical Romance? It was a rock band that my sister loved back in the day. 639 more words


Hundred-Word Review - "A Simple Favor" (2018)

I would say that “A Simple Favor” is yet another attempt to cash in on “Gone Girl,” but that would be doing this film a disservice. 79 more words


Roberto Reviews: A Simple Favor

Paul Feig is known for taking traditional male dominated genre movies and inserting women into the roles to both critical acclaim and box office success, beginning with his raunchy R rated comedy… 714 more words

A Simple Favor

TIFF 18: 'Assassination Nation' is a Bloody Good Time With an Honest Thought-Provoking Message - Review

At first glance, Assassination Nation looks like the Heathers/Purge mash-up you didn’t know you needed, but upon further exploration is a lot more than that. The film depicts some truly gruesome realities as it is a social commentary on how we regard young women in the modern age. 886 more words


"I sing you to me, Mrs. Boss"

I have a problem.  I speak a rare language that not many people speak, and as such, I often go misunderstood.  It can be lonely, but I can’t help it.  1,174 more words

Encounters With Christ