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Metro: The Dark Tower review

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James Luxford

Lucas (1986)

Inspiring and entirely charming, screenwriter David Seltzer’s directorial debut is the type of underdog story that will always find an audience. It uncommonly treats its adolescent subjects as multi-dimensional people who belong to various social circles as opposed to types defined by their interests, and has a pitch-perfect lead performance by Corey Haim. 46 more words

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Is The Most Relevant Movie In The Age of Trump

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Offers The Viewer A Crash Course In How Nazis Normalize Their Extremist Ideology   1,408 more words

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

Yet another underwhelming, uninspired latter-day offering from the once-great Tim Burton, this adaptation of the 2011 Ransom Riggs novel is dead on arrival. Burton never really bothers to convince the audience that the story is worth the effort, with a lifeless, aimless plot limping from scene to scene yet somehow feeling overly complicated before arriving at an overlong, tiresome climax that comes out of nowhere. 50 more words

Cart: Breaking "Silence"

Social Criticism

Social Criticism refers to the “mode of criticism that points out malicious conditions in a society that is found in a flawed structure”. On reading this definition, a question immediately comes to mind, 1,215 more words

My Tales

Arrival (2016)

Sort of like a pretentious version of 1997’s “Contact,” Denis Villeneuve’s science-fiction drama arrives with the seriousness of a Stanley Kubrick genre offering, but the plot and screenplay can’t sustain the humorless tone. 69 more words