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Inside Out - Movie Review

There’s no denying that Pixar has been in a bit of a slump lately. After producing more than a decade’s worth of animated critical hits, their last few films have mostly missed the mark. 763 more words

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Here at KissTheMovie we will talk about the latest from film news, movie reviews, film lists and a little bit on the television side as well. 37 more words


Max Movie Review

Max is a movie about a marine dog that lost his handler in Iraq. People don’t always see this side of war, or take into account that animals suffer just like people. 296 more words

Five Stars

MOVIE REVIEW | मिस टनकपुर हाजिर हो | व्यंग्य के बहाने कुरीतियों पर चोट

फिल्म समीक्षा- मिस टनकपुर हाजिर हो

समीक्षक – सिद्धार्थ शंकर गौतम

कलाकार: अन्नू कपूर, ओम पुरी, रवि किशन, हृषिता भट्ट, संजय मिश्रा, राहुल बग्गा
निर्देशक: विनोद कापड़ी 10 more words


Terminator Genisys

Crazy cool graphics and booming sound effects. A big splash of the old and a touch of the new.

Terminator Genisys follows the events that are similar to the first movie where Kyle Reese goes back to save Sarah Connor by John Connor’s order. 266 more words

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Inside Out Didn't Make Me Cry

I know I’m in the vast minority here, because Pixar wants their movies to be double-gut-punches. But Inside Out didn’t make me cry.
It made my wife cry, but to be fair she’s pregnant and pregnancy hormones wreak actual havoc on emotions. 1,375 more words


Jurassic World: My Inner Eight-Year-Old Almost Died of Excitement

I went through a dinosaur phase when I was in elementary school and Jurassic Park (directed by Steven Spielberg) is one of my favorite childhood movies. 532 more words

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