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Starring: Scott Eastwood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, I admit it…I watched this movie purely out of curiosity. I mean really…Clint Eastwood’s son is playing the main character (Jackson) in a Spaghetti Western. 606 more words


How to Fix Revenge of the Sith

Almost done with the prequels. Thankfully this is the best of three, though given the generally low standards of the first two that isn’t saying much. 679 more words



1. Kung Fu Panda 3/Dreamworks Wknd/$ 21.0 Total/$ 69.1
2. Hail, Caesar!/Universal Wknd/$ 11.4 Total/$ 11.4
3. The Revenant/Fox Wknd/$ 7.1 Total/$ 149.7
4. Star Wars VII/Disney Wknd/$ 6.9 Total/$ 906.0… 2,209 more words

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[Movie Reviews] Legend

Rating: 6/10 

There can be both good and bad consequences of looking at the rating a movie got before watching the movie itself.

If the movie got a high rating, you know a lot of people enjoyed this movie and there’s a higher chance for it to be good, but your expectation would be higher and thus higher chance you could get disappointed. 956 more words


Jupiter Ascending

Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth
Directed by the Wachowski siblings
Rating: D

Jupiter Jones was destined for great things, but it didn’t stop the movie from sucking. 507 more words

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Struck by Lightning - Movie Review

This movie, written and starring Chris Colfer (star of GLEE), was a hilarious, well written, and really fun movie about a high school senior who wants to go to Northwestern University, but in order to do that he must publish a literary magazine, so he blackmails most of the senior year in order to get people to publish articles. 122 more words

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Misery Loves Comedy - Documentary Review

This movie was really a display of many comedians giving their life stories and comedic stand up career successes and fails. This movie was pretty long for a documentary, but the movie never dragged. 114 more words

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