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"Rough Night" Movie Review

Jess (Scarlett Johansson) and Peter (Paul W. Downs) are about to get married.  But, before they do, their friends want to throw them one last really great party. 243 more words

Drive Safe

"Black Panther" Review

There’s really no other way to say it: Chadwick Boseman is a star. He possesses enough screen presence to become the next Will Smith, but is so tremendously talented as an actor that he could also go the Denzel Washington route if need be. 940 more words

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My Review of THE 15:17 TO PARIS

The 15:17 to Paris, rated PG-13
** ½

The 15:17 to Paris is based on the true story of the August 21, 2015 attempted terrorist attack aboard a train to Paris, and surprisingly includes a significant amount of Christian content. 526 more words

Christianity And Culture

Fifty Shades Freed, movie review

It’s been a few years now since I read the book, but from what I can remember, the movie did a good job of staying true to the book. 238 more words

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Coco, movie review

I’m sure for those who come from a background that believes in and/or celebrates Day of the Dead, this movie will hold more meaning. As someone who isn’t overly familiar with the holiday, I enjoyed learning about the holiday in this creative way, it’s probably the best run down someone has ever given me about how the event works. 118 more words

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Ferdinand, movie review

This was one of the cutest movies I’ve seen in a while. Very kid friendly and loaded with good morals. I think the event was loosely based on real events, because I do recall a bull fighter claiming he gave up the fighting when he was up against a bull that did not want to fight him. 119 more words

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Jumanji, movie review

The trailers for this movie came out a while ago and I’d been eagerly awaiting its release ever since my first glimpse. Jack Black pretending to be a teen girl? 189 more words

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