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The Old Man & the Gun (2018)

“Ma’am, this is a robbery.”
A simple movie that is engaging and enjoyable thanks mostly to very fine nuanced performances from Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek. 7/10

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Glass - PG-13 - 2019 Drama/Fantasy - 2h 9m Movie Review

by Douglas Montgomery II

In 2016, M. Night Shyamalan gave us Split, a mystery/thriller starring James McAvoy as a man with 23 different personalities. It was excitingly suspenseful, McAvoy gave a noteworthy split personality performance, and it was a nice return to form for Shyamalan. 461 more words

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If you had told me 10 years ago that I would sit through an Aquaman movie and have a genuinely good time doing it, I would have said you were crazy. 319 more words


Johnny English (2003)

After a sudden attack on the MI5, Johnny English, Britain’s most confident yet unintelligent spy, becomes Britain’s only spy. (IMDb)

I suppose the comedy’s not for everyone, but the “supremely confident yet inescapably incompetent schtick” of Atkinson’s titular character, while basically the entire film, never failed to make me laugh (a couple small highlights: his failed coat-throw, botched final romantic gesture), and his chemistry with long-suffering straight man Bough is delightful. 24 more words

The Salt Of The Earth

Duration: 110 minutes (1 hour 50 minutes)

IMDB Rating: 8.4

Released: 2014

Genre: Documentary, Biography, History

Directed By: Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Wim Wenders


A documentary based on the lifelong works of the French photographer Sebastião Salgado, ‘The Salt Of The Earth’ is a masterpiece in terms of the visual connect it forms with the viewer-aptly backed by a heart wrenching narrative. 447 more words


Bird Box (2018) Movie Review

So, we’re going to be talking about what is at the moment, Netflix’s biggest fad.  It led to a strange internet meme involving blindfolds, and contains Sandra Bullock, so I have a reason to pay attention.   1,135 more words

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Zach's Zany Movie Reviews: GLASS (no spoilers)

Right off the bat, I want to just divulge that I think Unbreakable is M. Night Shyamalan’s best film, an underrated masterpiece if there ever was one. 1,111 more words

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