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A primitive emotion. The reason, some say, we stay alive, our ancestors survived. How are we to look forward to life if our entire race is attributed to fear? 505 more words


It Comes at Night Review

First Word: It Comes at Night is perhaps the most poorly marketed film I have ever seen. Anybody who entered this film expecting gross scary moments will probably be disappointed and anyone looking for a less horrific film with thought provoking storytelling will probably be scared away by the marketing. 339 more words


'Alien: Covenant' Review

Coming out of the theatre after the end credits of ‘Alien: Covenant’ started to roll, I was thrown into an interesting discussion. The group of people I had seen this movie with was conflicted about what they had just seen. 982 more words

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Student of the Year (2012), A Review

I know that this post is probably late by about 5 years, but being someone who doesn’t exactly know Hindi, I only finally saw the movie in the last week. 362 more words

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Director Bong Joon Ho took oblique shots at social malaise through allegory in his films “The Host” and “Snowpiercer,” but he goes in for a more direct kill shot with his latest, “ 427 more words

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The Truman Show (1998) - (His whole life is a lie!)

This was originally planned to be one of my more chill movies. After my Auntie Sandy pointed out that I had been watching a lot of heavy stuff lately, it was time for a feel-good film. 458 more words

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Movie Tuesday: The Truman Show

Fun Facts: All the street names in Seahaven and all the names of characters in The Truman show are based on the names of famous Hollywood stars (ex: Meryl, Marlon, Lauren Garland, Barrymore Road). 569 more words

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