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/slash ½ 2015 - Day 2: Wyrmwood

Australia 2014
Written by Tristan & Kiah Roache-Turner
Directed by Kiah Roache-Turner
Watched on 31.04.2015

“Wyrmwood” offers a promising start, a couple of nice moments, some neat and original ideas, a sexy-as-hell lead actress – and unfortunately not much else. 415 more words

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Tomorrowland Review


  • Tomorrowland is the new Brad Bird theme park movie that’s about…
  • Well, actually I’m not gonna tell you what it’s about because you know very little about this movie from the trailers, which makes going in an even more fun time.
  • 841 more words
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Film Review No.372: The Running Man

Just over a week ago I watched Mad Max Fury Road and now all action films have been ruined for me. Modern ones at least. I feel the need to watch films that feel more real and less like computer puppets being flung around a photo composite diorama. 1,282 more words

Film Dump

Poltergeist the remake 

So you buy a house for your family its look rather pleasant happy times right? Oh darn it seems that dozy realtor forgot to mention the house was built over a cemetery; and it appears the dead didn’t like it so now they haunt the house damn those pesky poltergeists. 172 more words

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My Movies A-Z: 12 Monkeys (review)

(I decided to watch all of the movies I own in more-or-less alphabetical order. This will take a while.)

I really like 12 Monkeys (1995)—still, even after all these years and several re-watchings. 424 more words

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Noah Movie Review

Darren Aronofsky’s Noah combines the work of a truly talented filmmaker with one of the more well known tales in Biblical history. It’s an audacious undertaking by both the director and the studio who were willing to budget it at a reported $125 million. 428 more words


"The Skeleton Twins" Movie Review

Estranged twins both attempt suicide on the same day and when they fail they are brought back together.  Milo moves in with Maggie and her husband Lance so that he won’t be alone.   282 more words