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Mike’s Favorite Film Scores of 2016

The reason I do this every year is because it forces me to listen to film scores, which is something I don’t do enough of. I appreciate film music, but so rarely do I actually sit down and listen to a film score. 2,572 more words


Evangelcials and Art: James Horner (Braveheart)

This weekend I am going to put up some James Horner. James was a gifted a talented composer. I personally think the score from Braveheart is one of his best.   65 more words

Evangelicals And Art

Music 4 the Next 1 "Loose Ends edition": "Franceessence" by Robert Glasper

When Don Cheadle set out to assemble the creative team for last years Miles Davis biopic, “Miles Ahead”, he was very much concerned with assembling a creative team for the film that would reflect the ways in which the great trumpeter and musical conceptualist bandleader’s musical conceptions remain relevant in the 21st Century. 541 more words

Music Matters

Hidden Figures

America, 1960s: the country is still very much divided by colour. Martin Luther King Jr is marching, JFK appears to be listening, but black people are still drinking for different fountains, still sitting at the back of the bus. 514 more words


Evangelicals and Art: Trevor Rabin (Deep Blue Sea)

For this cold and possibly snowy Washington, D.C. weekend I am going to publish some Trevor Rabin. Deep Blue Sea is one of Trevor’s earlier works. 76 more words

Evangelicals And Art

Baby Boyz

My son made me a proud papa.

Sure, all my kids are sweet, smart, polite, kind, and all that other stuff parents brag about on bumper stickers that they place on the family minivan. 1,099 more words

Just Because...

Evangelicals and Art: Hans Zimmer (Pearl Harbor)

For the first weekend in December I am going to put up some Hans Zimmer. Zimmer is one of my favorite soundtrack composers and today I will put up his score from the movie Pearl Harbor. 35 more words

Evangelicals And Art