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Waiting for Wardrobe

Throwbacks from an era of reserved grace, dignity, and elegance.

Patient without thought.

They stand.

Waiting for wardrobe.

While the world whirls around them at warp speed, they line up quietly like society ladies in fancy hats waiting to be seated for luncheon. 296 more words


KLUV's "Matinee Mania"

Over the weekend, we created a super-bracket called “Matinee Mania” – designed to determined the sexiest male movie star alive today. The first round begins today and lasts through Wednesday at 4pm. 58 more words


Grey Gardens (Albert and David Maysles, 1975: USA)

“I didn’t want my child to be taken away! I’d be entirely alone,” rationalizes “Big” Edie while her daughter, “Little” Edie tragically and wistfully indulges the audience of her missed opportunities for love and happiness. 437 more words

Saturday In My Neck of the Woods...

Hubby and I watched The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey this morning! I loved Bilbo played by Martin Freeman and Smaug played by Benedict Cumberbatch and both those actors play in one of my favorite series Sherlock! 87 more words


My Celebrity Neighbor - Kieran Culkin

I love my neighborhood because it is the central hub of the city due to its proximity to museums, restaurants, theaters, shops and everything in between. 402 more words

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Seemingly Apart

The way I talk about connecting with people, the seeming distance writing can grant you, it’s not so much about keeping people a comfortable ways away or dealing with them in a “better” way. 224 more words

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