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Monday Movie Rundown on... Thursday

The Monday Movie Rundown is moving! Okay, to today…Thursday. :-) This gives me a little more time to write out my thoughts and also Monday reverts to the Football Funnies for the duration of football season. 400 more words

How To Turn Your Vin Diesel’s Into Dwayne Johnson’s…

I make it a point every day to try and do something nice for someone, it can be helping out a friend in need, sending a random text just to let someone know their Awesome, but usually giving people a compliment can bring a smile to their face and go a long way in brightening their day. 1,066 more words


Rupert Grint: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Ordered To Pay $1.3 Million In Unpaid Taxes

The tax man has come calling for Rupert Grint and no Patronus can ward them off.

By putting his trust in his father and his accountant, they put him in a situation where he’s being forced to pay $1.3 million in back taxes due to some creative number swapping. 220 more words


Monday Movie Rundown

It’s time for the Monday Movie Rundown. Yay! I love watching movies and sharing my thoughts with you.

I didn’t get to watch as many movies this time around as I would’ve liked. 255 more words

1930s Screen Legends Given to Making Wild Allegations #548

THIS WEEK: Clark Gable

NEXT WEEK: Claudia Colbert accuses me of getting her mum pregnant

The Whitechapel Whelk

Djalma e A Fase Rosa em documentário

Já está online o documentário “A Fase não entende de política”!

Um belo registro do momento que cidade de BH e sua música vivem, pelo olhar das realizadouras Flávia Ruas, Lívia Araújo, Marcella Ximenes e Vivian Andrade, recém formadas em jornalismo pela UFMG. 33 more words

Twinkle, Twinkle Little TV Star--But for How Long?

Twinkle, Twinkle Little TV Star
But for How Long?

By Charles Denton
Los Angeles Herald-Examiner
TV Weekly
Jan.28-Feb.3 1962

An argument that has understandably preoccupied TV actors almost since the inception of the medium has to do whether or not the little lens can make a genuine, 14-karat star of the old galaxy? 542 more words

Robert Taylor