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Daily Writings: 'The Incredibles 2', a spoiler-free review

So, it’s been fourteen years since The Incredibles (2004) hit the big screen; was it worth the wait? 1,432 more words

Daily Writings

Inherit the Sin

Nature and nurture, “Hereditary” is a film about all the baggage we carry that was given to us from our forefathers (and mothers). Grudges. Beliefs. Physical deformity. 581 more words

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Hard to Remember- Impossible to Forget

I can never say what my favourite film is- I watch so many movies and I enjoy a lot of them so finding one is impossible. 1,013 more words


I Feel Pretty?

A rather unremarkable person obsessed with looks that has so much unwarranted confidence they are able to hook up with partners way out of their league and organize a campaign that should never have worked but did somehow.  436 more words

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I Sure Don't Like Frodo

I’m late again. I’m pretty sick and honestly I didn’t even realize yesterday was Wednesday until it wasn’t Wednesday anymore. But here’s the post anyway. 373 more words

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