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The Oldest Theatre in Oldest City

Moving Picture World, November 2, 1912:

“The above cut is a likeness of the first motion picture theater in the oldest town in California. The name of the house is the Don Theater in Napa Street, Sonoma, Cal.” 119 more words


My Freakin' 365 + 1 List: Day 200

First of all WOO HOO for making it to day 200! This is a day late, because I wanted to be sure to post Day 199 before Day 200! 70 more words

There are Temperpedic beds in Korean movie theaters

Turns out that the movie theaters in South Korea can be pretty damn awesome.  Of course, there are a number of luxury theaters here in the states, but some of the Korean options take it up a level.  See for yourself:


Alamo Drafthouse Has Now Resorted To Telling Guests Don't Talk, Text, Or 'Pokemon Go'

Movie theaters generally don’t like when you talk or text during the theater, but one theater chain is also reminding moviegoers not to “catch them all.” 201 more words


Regal Cinemas Prize

Hiyas fabulous people, so it’s Friday and I’m still trying to do these Discussion Fridays. So once again this isn’t exactly fashion related but I thought I’d still share for today. 210 more words


Captions at the Movie Theater

I’ve blogged in the past about captions for movies, and how disappointing it is when the captions are not available, or not covering the entire movie (i.e. 484 more words



I should be sleeping right now, but instead, I wanted to share a little story as something I just read sparked a childhood memory. So my entire life, I have always felt like I have had this incredibly strong intuition, to the point where it feels sometimes like I have some sort of freaky psychic ability. 535 more words