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Logan Movie Review and Thoughts!

Hey everyone! Today I’m reviewing the newest Wolverine movie, Logan. 2,138 more words


Trip Pt 4

Yesterday we went to go and grab a coffee but it started raining so waited in the lobby for a bit. After it stopped we went looking for a coffee shop and we came across a huge movie theater. 86 more words

Going to the movies with your baby in Vienna

Going to the movies is definitely one of the activities you miss the most after having a baby. Of course, you can see a movie at your place, but that popcorn smell, the taste of the soda, a hot dog and some nachos, give extra points to the experience when you are at a movie theater. 182 more words


Part III from La Crosse: Hollywood, Wisconsin style

DRIVING PAST THE HOLLYWOOD Theater on the fringes of downtown La Crosse, I wondered whether the theater was open. It appeared closed. An online search later confirmed that. 248 more words

Girls Day Out!

The girls and I were invited out to see Beauty & The Beast (thankfully just subtitled). The girls are very excited, and I have been promising them a day out soon, but we’ve been┬ástuck at the apt so much since getting sick. 60 more words

Some Westmoreland Co. Movie Theaters Undergoing Changes, Upgrades

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A few local movie theaters are going through some big upgrades, and that means changes for the moviegoers who use them.

Bought out by movie theater giant AMC, three Carmike Cinemas in Westmoreland County are undergoing some big changes. 270 more words


Movie Chain Putting Playgrounds Inside Theaters

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some California movie theaters are trying to attract families with playgrounds inside the theater.

Cinepolis — the world’s fourth largest movie theater chain — has big plans. 62 more words