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On My Mind: Movies

Well hey there Deviants, it’s Wednesday and I guess that means it’s time for a fresh new take of what’s On My Mind.

Summer is fast approaching and with that come sun, warm weather, barbecues, cold drinks and a whole lot of movies. 198 more words


Boss Baby

My two year old
Walked up to me
Grabbed my
Pointer finger
Lead me
To the couch-
Pushed me onto it
Crawled into my lap… 24 more words


Movie Time!

I went to see A Wrinkle In Time today. It was quite interesting. Very colorful and whimsical. The children were adorable and there were good lessons incorporated. 9 more words

#MovieTime: A Quiet Place…

Let’s just get in to this one… Synopsis: as simple as the tag line “if they hear you, they hunt you“… in the near future (I want to say the world) is taken over by blind but (superhero) hearing strange alien/spider looking killing machines. 266 more words

Getting Bigger

No matter how old my children seem to get, a good park always seems to put a smile on their faces. Particularly a brand new park. 717 more words

What's Your Extent Of Laziness? 🛀

Whoever said phone is for convenience? It’s definitely not when someone calls you on a weekend at 8AM. It’s like who does that? Fine, must be important (I think) So I receive the call in my sleepy voice which I think is very 1/cosC=SecC (but again I find it true for all the sleepy voices.) Do you think so too ? 241 more words


Now it is out

Mavals Black Panther is out for now out for a limated time. Go watch the movie now

Movie Time