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Movie Time: The Intouchables

There’s too much pressure to publish something profound on my birthday (yes, today!). So instead I will add a new category to Your Goodness Guide. It’s MOVIE TIME! 114 more words


Gone Girl

I watch a lot of movies and tv shows so today I decided to watch Gone Girl and it was really intense. I really liked it, it wasn’t predictable so that’s good. 6 more words



I watched Clueless for the first time yesterday and I’m a bit confused, does the girl end up with her step brother? I found it a bit weird, but it was a good movie. 32 more words

First Time

Movie time

5:54 pm: This is the first time I’ve ever watched Peter Pan, it’s strange, but I’m enjoying it.

Un-hand that savage, you…you savage!

7:08 pm: The movie is almost over, it’s really weird, but it’s good.

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First Time

James Bond: getting better with age... Spectre!

Every Bond trailer makes a statement and over the past decade that statement has become more emphatic. Whether Daniel Craig is the right or wrong Bond (everyone has their opinion), he has had the opportunity to star in the most polished examples from the franchise. 13 more words

James Bond

Want to watch a movie?

People have all different types of family traditions that they’ve kept or do every year in their family. One of the traditions that we used to do was that every year during the holidays I would get a new Walt Disney VHS movie or multiple movies, and then during the holidays we would all gather around to watch these movies as a family. 357 more words