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Beauty and the Beast Revisited

My favorite fairy tale of all time is Beauty and the Beast.

The storybook that my mom read to me from when I was little had these elaborate stylized illustrations that fell somewhere between a big-eyed 70s doll painting and a trip to Versailles, odd, but memorable.  155 more words

Movie Time

Happy Star Wars Day!

When I was a kid I used to babysit for a family who had about 10 movies in their collection, they didn’t have cable and this was before Netflix, so in the hours after I sent the kids to bed my viewing choices were limited.  63 more words

Movie Time

Canon: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Just read a really interesting article in The Atlantic called “Enough With the Canon,”  which discusses the problems with having a rigid definition of a science-fiction or superhero universe, and the tendency of fans (and even creators) to patrol whether new versions of that story, or even new fans, conform to that definition. 442 more words

Writing Life

Captain America: Civil War - Choosing a Side

Seriously?  Cap and Hawkeye on the same side?  The Boy Scout and the Archer?   It’s pretty clear where my loyalties are going to lie.   With apologies to Black Widow, I kinda hope Tony’s going down (not dead, mind you, let’s just knock a little off the ego). 16 more words

Movie Time

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2…


The Portokalos family are back!!… and this time for a wedding we didn’t expect we’d see.


  • I really loved the first film. Coming from a big family myself I can relate to how the Portokalos family are.
  • 194 more words

MOVIE TIME: ROOM (2015) *spoilers*

After being held captive for many years, a woman and her son manage to escape and now they have to accommodate with the outside world. 357 more words

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