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How to Tell if Your Prisoner is Too Smart for You

Dear Movie Villains:

Becoming an Evil Villain is largely a matter of trial and error. As far we know, there is no correspondence course to guide you in becoming a dastardly mastermind. 621 more words


Announcing the Great Villain Blogathon 2015!


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Frisco Kid will be participating with a post on the villain Noah Cross (John Huston) in the film CHINATOWN on April 15.

“Excuse me, sir, but your stupid is showing”


Ah, Mr. King, you’ve done it again. I have been waiting to get my hands on some of your most recent novels, but, poor as I am, have had to be content with staring longingly at the book section of Walmart. 730 more words

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Movie Reviews: "Big Eyes" and "Finding Vivian Maiers" - True Stories of Women Artists

Big Eyes

A world that has tired of Tim Burton’s universe of live cartoons may be heartened by the director’s return to weirdo-bio with “Big Eyes,”  the story of Margaret Keane, whose husband Walter claimed to be the creator of her big-eyed children paintings. 833 more words

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Friday Conversation: Who Is Your All-Time Favorite Movie Villain?

First things first: Jurassic Park is awesome. This isn’t really in dispute, but it’s worth mentioning anyway every now and then just to refresh people’s minds. 1,342 more words

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