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From Robin Williams To Tom Cruise: These Are The Most Underrated Movie Villains From The 2000s

The last 15 years of film have been dominated by comic-book adaptations and YA fiction turned into bankable movie franchises with hyperbolic antagonists. But between the alien robots and the Dark Lord and Liam Neeson’s fu manchu lies a tier of baddies still very much worthy of our appreciation. 824 more words


Favourite Baddie *Poll*

Everyone loves the movie hero, but some bad guys are hard to forget.

Who is your favourite bad guy from the movies?

– and yes, I have skipped the horror genre of Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Jigsaw et al.

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Let's Remember The Most Underrated Movie Villains From The '90s

Who is your favorite movie villain of the 1990s, and why is it Kevin Spacey?

With The Usual Suspects and Se7en to his name, we’ll forever remember Spacey as the undisputed greatest movie villain of the decade, but what about the antagonists hiding in Keyser Soze’s shadow? 831 more words


The 6 Movie Villains that Plagued My Nightmares as a Child

6. Judge Claude Frollo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“God have mercy on her / God have mercy on me / But she will be mine or she… will… BURN!” 960 more words


Glamorous Villains From Novels to Movies!

The Stepmother of Cinderella

The White Witch of Chronicles of Narnia

Cruella De Vil of 101 Dalmatians

Who is your favorite glamorous villain that you love to hate? 23 more words

Beauty Of The Month

The Great Villain Blogathon Schedule

Mwahahaha! The Great Villain Blogathon is almost here!

Starting next Monday (April 13), we’ll be focusing on the Bad Guys in film and why we love (or love to hate) these scoundrels. 741 more words