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Announcing The Great Villain Blogathon 2016!

The big bad blogathon celebrating cinema’s greatest villains is back! 178 more words


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What Makes a Great Movie Villain?

I love watching villains in film. It’s odd and most importantly, captivating. I don’t like when people do horrid things in real life, but in movies, they are the most interesting parts of the film. 432 more words


Top 10 Movie Douchebag Villains (i.e., the most hateable villains)

There are villains in movies and then there are the douchebags you hate so bad, you sometimes pump your fist when they finally get a stake shoved through their heart.   1,204 more words


On Movie Villains and the Shadow

I love lists, not so much for purposes of organizing but more because they can spawn great arguments. My all-time baseball team, for example, excludes the likes of Joe DiMaggio and Johnny Bench, an exclusion with which some will take heated issue. 411 more words


From Robin Williams To Tom Cruise: These Are The Most Underrated Movie Villains From The 2000s

The last 15 years of film have been dominated by comic-book adaptations and YA fiction turned into bankable movie franchises with hyperbolic antagonists. But between the alien robots and the Dark Lord and Liam Neeson’s fu manchu lies a tier of baddies still very much worthy of our appreciation. 824 more words