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Azumi (2004)

A samurai sick of war takes in a group of orphans and trains them to be assassins with the sole purpose in life of killing the warlords responsible for the constant bloodshed. 150 more words


Aleins Vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

AVP: Requiem continues directly from the ending of the first film, with an alien/predator hybrid causing the ship to crash land back on Earth and so a second ship is dispatched containing a kind of space-age alien cross between a CSI and Batman to clear up the resulting mess. 203 more words


trailer Risen ( 2016 )

With just over two weeks to go before its US release, the final trailer has arrived online for Risen, the upcoming Biblical drama starring Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton. 120 more words


Zoolander 2 ( 2016 )

Comedy sequels are one of the trickiest things to pull off. They either come too soon and are too similar, such as The Hangover movies, or they come too late and feel very forced. 130 more words


No Escape (Movie Review)

Okay, it’s been too long since I wrote my last movie review. As you might know, I’m keen on watching action films in the Steven Seagal genre. 223 more words

How to Be Single ( 2016 )

If a romantic comedy called How to Be Single sounds rather baldly antithetical, that’s because the title is a bit of a misnomer. No, the commercials didn’t overtly deceive you: this… 207 more words


Alien Vs Predator (2004)

A research team investigating an ancient pyramid discovered beneath the Antarctic are caught in the middle of a battle between two hostile alien races.

Paul W. 201 more words