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No Spoiler Review | Power Rangers

Let’s be honest: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is much better in memory than actually watching it now. It just hasn’t aged well despite some strong story arcs. 700 more words


Beyond the River

What happens when you put two very different men, from different cultures, with nothing to connect them but a love for the sport they share and the ambition to succeed? 336 more words

South Africa

Ghost in the Shell (2017 Movie)

Ghost in the Shell takes place in the future where the robot has become a part of human’s life. At the beginning, we will shown a project to transplant human’s brain to a synthetic body. 353 more words



Whiplash at first glance comes across as a musical induced drama, but just moments into the film, that notion is thrown all over the place. Damien Chazelle has created something less unexplainable, but more experienceable. 334 more words

Movie Review

Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett dalam balutan body suit warna kulit.

Dulu, zamannya anime Si Ghost in the Shell lagi hype, mbah dah kuliah. Ga fokus pas nontonnya, jadi ya lupa-lupa inget. 370 more words


[Movie] Ghost In The Shell

Generasi 90-an yang demen animemanga pasti pernah dengar Ghost In The Shell (GITS).¬†Berawal dari manga karya Masamune Shirow, GITS kemudian diangkat jadi anime dengan sutradara… 407 more words