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ARCHIVE Day 69 (heh): The Aftermath of Infinity War

Original Release: May 15th, 2018

Any reader of my blog knows that I really enjoyed Infinity War. It was a solid film that gave me everything I wanted out of it.

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Daily Rant

Where Is My Home👨‍👩‍👧 – Live Our One Life for God💖

Many friends around told me that the movie “Where Is My Home” moved them to tears from the beginning to the end. So they strongly recommended it to me. 29 more words


We Read to Know We Are Not Alone

I feel very reflective today. I am often this way, but there are times which overwhelm me and I sink down into introspection. Today is definitely one of those days. 198 more words


Love & Purpose

A counterfeit love is dressed in the garment that suggests forgiveness because they know not what they do. However, some people know what they’re doing and do not care to provide a resolution. 276 more words

Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

Roberto Reviews: A Simple Favor

Paul Feig is known for taking traditional male dominated genre movies and inserting women into the roles to both critical acclaim and box office success, beginning with his raunchy R rated comedy… 714 more words

A Simple Favor

Gifted: the Phil Heath Documentary. A Review

With the Mr. Olympia one week behind us and the result shaking the foundations of professional bodybuilding, I believe it is an opportune time to review… 1,313 more words