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How Hatsune Miku Got My Groove Back

Have you ever had that moment where you think “I’ve got to get back to work”? That moment where you realize you’ve got to get off the couch and do something with your life. 377 more words


Why I Believe In God, And Why Atheists' Lives Aren't Meaningless

Lately I’ve been looking at the Twitter account of a man called Tom Snyder. (@FilmDoctor) The Editor-in-Chief for the organization Movieguide. I don’t write about Movieguide anymore, but needing to kill time while I look after my two old dogs, and since eventually I get tired of slaying dragons in… 604 more words


Proof That Love Is Stronger Than Hate

I wrote a lot about Movieguide on this blog.

The reason I stopped is because I realized my posts about Movieguide were ultimately coming from a place of hatred. 261 more words


Faith and Science

First, some music to set the tone:


I was bored, so I went on Movieugide. Old habits die hard.

On this edition of “Things that bother me so I’m just going to write about them,” these words, from… 350 more words


What Is A "Good Movie"?

First: Thank you to the YouTuber “Say Goodnight Kevin” for inspiring me to write this post.


In a previous post, I said that I am done writing about Movieguide on this blog… 561 more words


Satsuki and Mei: Eternity Is In Their Hearts

I’m a Catholic.

As a result, how I view the world will be influenced by my Catholic faith.

I also like movies.

What I wish more Christians understood is that goodness, truth, and beauty can come from anywhere, not just from Christians: 433 more words


Nathan Rae's Thoughts on a Pure Flix Lawsuit

So apparently all of the good will Pure Flix has gained with the first God’s Not Dead movie is slowly being flushed down the toilet. The sequel, while still profitable, only made about a third of what the first movie made, which doesn’t bode well for future films in the franchise. 1,145 more words