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War Is Rated R

Pardon my language, but when I read this…

The horrors and realities of war can be shown perfectly well in a patriotic, inspiring movie for broad audiences, and vice versa, without all of today’s post-modern, R-rated angst. 364 more words


Christians Love Graphic Movies - As Long As They're About Jesus

It boggles my mind how Christians will (symbolically) tar-and-feather people who don’t support movies like The Passion of the Christ (2004)…

…or Hacksaw Ridge (2016)… 504 more words


Who, And What, Do American Christians Put Their Faith In?

Recently I’ve been spending time looking at Tom Snyder’s tweets.

If I had to describe his tweets in one word, that word would be “Fear.” 288 more words


Are Humans Inherently Evil? No: Part 2

One response to my post Are Humans Inherently Evil? No

@TimothTim @movieguide @DrBaehr The Bible says otherwise, as does human history (see also Romans 3 and John 3).

445 more words

On The 15th Anniversary Of 9/11, Pray For Conversions

Interestingly, the extended version even more strongly evokes the notion that the world should take a very strong stance against the kind of violent evil that cruel Muslim terrorists like Usama Bin Laden represent. 568 more words


Are Humans Inherently Evil? No

…every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood.
(Genesis 8:21)

That’s a verse I’ve heard as justification for the view that, because of Adam’s and Eve’s sin, people aren’t inherently “very good” anymore (Genesis 1:31): 328 more words


Is Life Really Impoverished Without God?

My thoughts on Ted Baehr’s article When People Forget God, Life Is Impoverished:

The problem with rejecting God is that people turn the pursuit of pleasure into the pursuit of pain, even inflicting pain on the least of these in the world, and replace the sharing, caring and giving of love with the selfishness of lust. 591 more words