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Wild Card: TV Spot - All Bets

Watch the TV spot titled “All Bets” for the film Wild Card.
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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Two-Dozen Personalities in Most Desperate Plea for Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio may have found himself the most complex, fascinating, difficult role yet for him to not win an Oscar for. According to The Hollywood Reporter… 133 more words


Cut Bank: Murder in a Small Town

Watch the clip titled “Murder in a Small Town” for the film Cut Bank.
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Cinderella: They're All Looking At You

Watch the clip titled “They’re All Looking At You” for the film Cinderella.
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The Boy Next Door

(This review may contain spoilers).

So when I saw this film advertised, I thought it looked like quite an interesting psychological thriller. After watching the first few scenes, though, I felt that the preview could have played this off as a romance, which would have made this have even more twists in it. 210 more words