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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

(This review may contain spoilers).

To probably absolutely no one’s surprise… I went to see the midnight showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. And to be honest, I really enjoyed it. 311 more words


Sweet Charity (1969)

This entry was originally written for The Black List as part of their “Essential Musicals” series. See here.

No director had a greater influence on ’70s musicals than Bob Fosse. 443 more words


No Formal "In Theaters" Column This Week

No formal “In Theaters” column this week due to extreme laziness as well as a lack of desire to write any more about how much money… 134 more words


'This Cold Life'

Today I’m going to the premiere of the doc This Cold Life at the Florida Film Festival. It will be anything but cold today in Maitland/Orlando, Florida as the mid-90 degree temps are some of the hottest in the United States. 61 more words


Beau Cinema #CriticsChoice: The Manchurian Candidate

Having been revamped a couple of years ago to give Guernsey audiences a chance to see current releases on a bigger screen the cinema in Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, dubbed… 713 more words


Stories, history, Movie Monday: an example

Imagine that it is the moderately distant future and you are a historian. Some highly specific catastrophe has wiped out historical records except for films (let’s say a cautious film buff built a very secure archive on the moon). 486 more words

"What a story! Everything but the bloodhounds snappin' at her rear end."*

I watched All About Eve (1950) on TCM the other night.

It won Best Picture in 1950 and it is a good movie. You remember–an ingenue (Eve, played by Ann Baxter) insinuates herself into the company of an established but aging stage actress (Davis) and her circle of theater friends–the director, the writer, the columnist. 460 more words