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Top 5 Franchise Revivals/Long-Awaited Sequels

With a great portion of Hollywood today being focused on reliving the last 40 years of cinema, the long-awaited sequel has become a trend that can’t seem to be stopped. 866 more words


Secret of the Kells

Secret of the Kells is worth watching, especially if you’re trying to ween the kids off Disney and Dreamworks to arrive at something more approaching… 45 more words


In memory of you - gratefully.

Read the first part here.

Three days later, again at around two in the morning…

Colin got a surprise visit from Rob. This time Rob had some intentions. 1,054 more words

Short Stories

Top 5 Favourite Tom Cruise Movies (So Far)

It seems like the world is going crazy for one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, Mr. Tom Cruise. Cruise being my personal favourite actor EVER, I’ve taken the opportunity to chat about my favourite… 680 more words


Manborg (2011), the schlocky tale of a cyborg battling Nazi zombie mutants, robots and vampire demons from Hell.

MY CALL:  This is an homage to 80s schlock trash cinema.  As such, everything about this movie is stupid and cheesy and over-the-top…but for some people that works.  496 more words

John Leavengood

Movie Review #3: Maleficent

Rating: ****/*****

Yes, I’m perfectly aware how late I am to the party, thank you.

Let me clarify, first of all, that the movie itself was definitely not worth more than three stars, but the extraoridinary cinematography and Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones performance merited an extra star. 217 more words


My Ranking Of The Beatles' Movies

One of my favourite things about The Beatles is their movies. They’re not cinematic masterpieces, or anything, but they have a certain loveable charm about them. 1,665 more words

John Lennon