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"Ya vas lyublyu. What's it mean?"*

Last Saturday night the OM and I were home watching the baseball game on the telly. During the commercials I was clicking back and forth to… 308 more words

Bad Movie Tuesday: Mechanic: Resurrection (2016), perhaps the campiest (yet still awesomely fun) action movie Jason Statham has ever done.

MY CALL:  This sequel (to Jason Statham’s 2011 remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson classic) is extremely entertaining…and extremely campy.  Expect top tier stunts, but the dregs of writing.   1,001 more words

John Leavengood


Emily Blunt

Benicio Del Toro

reviewed by Tom-Tom

The name Denis Villeneuve may not mean as much to filmgoers as his various oeuvres Incendies, Prisoners, or Enemy… 782 more words


Ted 2

Mark Wahlberg

Amanda Seyfried

reviewed by Tom-Tom

There are certain film characters you meet once and then the magic they possess runs its course leaving no room for successful continuation. 485 more words


The Martian

Matt Damon

Jessica Chastain

reviewed by Tom-Tom

I had had it with Ridley Scott. Despite the beautiful production value of his films, something about the direction of his recent films disappointed me. 584 more words


The 33

I hate to say it, because this truly was/is an incredible story—and heart wrenching to boot—but honestly, the first half hour and the last fifteen minutes are all you really need to watch. 84 more words


Review: Don't Breathe

If there’s anything we learned from Don’t Breathe, it’s that you don’t ever want to break into Stephen Lang’s house… no really, ever. Even if he’s blind. 252 more words