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Guess I shoulda

…watched or read more science fiction. Clearly this 1973 film was a classic worthy of emulation.


A Quiet Dream (2016) ☆☆☆(3/4): A woman and three guys around her

South Korean film “A Quiet Dream” freely flows with its odd, ambiguous atmosphere. This small arthouse movie will surely demand some degrees of patience from you, but you can enjoy its offbeat mood and enjoyable performances once you accept its glacial pace and austere narrative, and it is actually amusing at times even while adhering to its restrained attitude. 894 more words


Dakota Fanning talks American Pastoral, The Bell Jar and sibling rivalry with The Edit

Dakota Fanning perhaps isn’t as mega-famous as contemporaries like Jennifer Lawrence, but for years I’ve seen people rave about her talents as a child and teen actress. 547 more words



Twist and turns follow little miss Veronica. She’s quite the fighter. I feel bad for the big boys who wanted her as prey. This little flick isn’t filled with frights , but is still a Halloween delight. 179 more words


28 Days Later

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

28 Days Later is one of those films in the same vein as Fight Club; its gritty and violent as it explores the dark side of humanity, but more importantly you wonder how so many people could go so long without seeing such an excellent film. 889 more words


The Frighteners

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners confuses me. How does a director go from directing two low budget horror comedy/monster films, a weird, disturbing, adulterated version of the muppets, a crime drama, and a somewhat higher budget horror comedy and then the  1,119 more words


31 Days of Horror #23: Breeders (1986)

PLOT: Women of New York are being attacked by an otherworldly being that is hiding out in the Manhattan tunnel system.

This film is basically a much rapier version of… 365 more words