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Almost There!

We’re at the halfway point for our goal of 26 episodes for the 1st season of Monologue Monday! Here’s Episode 13:


Happy Monday! New Episode!

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Suicide Squad Review

Imagine, if you will, two versions of a movie. Each scene is written out on note cards. One side is for the cartoony, colorful version of the movie. 1,296 more words


Ghostbusters (2016) Review

I’ll just come out and say it right here in the very beginning of the review: the new Ghostbusters movie is totally worth seeing. Despite what you may have heard from angry man-children about the movie being a rip off of the original, the all female cast, or any other random “concern” they could pull out of their hats, Ghostbusters is a funny and well made film. 786 more words


(#1) Where are you now

Writing is an intellect’s way of bleeding. (A small post dedication to Moulin Rouge for the heartbreak)

Night falls. The wind howls. The streets are quiet . 536 more words

Movies & Film

Captain America: Civil War Review

Even though it has the title “Civil War”, it actually has very little to do with the comic storyline it takes the title from. There’s the core starting point: registration for all super-powered beings on earth. 831 more words


Movies with originally NO STRINGS ATTACHED

Exams are over. Holidays are here, or supposedly SUPPOSED to be here. But here I am, slogging all the way for the upcoming CMM Day 2016 (But that’s okay :’D) and having planned the class chalet, I have been dead tired. 441 more words