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Must. Be. Watched.

Movies are one of the popular media here in the Philippines. As for the Filipinos, it brings joy, excitement, fear, sadness, drama, and other emotions towards them. 389 more words

Floris Ptesáŋ Huŋká / ShadowCatcherPro

Antonio Sanchez


This video was made during a trip to Standing Rock over Labor Day weekend. Floris Ptesáŋ Huŋká has been involved with the Spirit Camps near the Cannon Ball River since the very beginning of the struggle to put a stop to the DAPL. 33 more words

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Movies and Films 2016-2017: Criteria for Presentation #1


For the first presentation, you will use the Google slides application. Select a favorite movie that you’ve seen to do a report. It can be one of the movies that you have quoted from or posted a video clip. 94 more words


This Week in Macabre & Mysterious Media: August 15 - 21st


The Voyager Interstellar Record – The Sounds of Earth

Access the record’s complete playlist here.

(Thank you to my son for finding it and bringing it to my attention. 1,063 more words

Renae Rude

July Favorites!

Hooo boy. July was such a slow month for me, but I had such a great time! My term break started, packed my bags and flew back to Jakarta for the holidays, had TONS of fun, and went back to school. 605 more words



I was pretty much ecstatic the moment my mom announced that she was to book a ticket to Japan *cue confetti* but sadly, I wasn’t to join her *cue downfall music* BUT I did ask for a few things! 278 more words


Bookish Journal Updates #2: ANGSTY MUCH?

Heeey everyone! It’s time for yet another journal update! I’ve been watching lots of films lately so that means more doodles :D Keep in mind that I am by no means a professional artist (you’ll see what I mean), I’m doing this merely for the fun of it all and to share them with you all. 619 more words