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Bowie's in Space

One of the funniest and most lovable tributes in music is the live version of the folk duo Flight of the Conchords singing “Bowie’s in Space,” aka the Bowie Song. 759 more words

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The Other Mother: An Exercise in The Uncanny

In 2002, Neil Gaiman published Coraline, giving us the villainous Other Mother as she tried to steal Coraline away from her family and home—for the purpose of slowly sucking away her life. 860 more words

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Natasha Romanoff, Monsters and Agency – Part Two

This post is the continuation of the discussion I started in my previous post about Natasha Romanoff’s portrayal in Age of Ultron.

Regarding the actual blooming romance with Bruce Banner, I found their discussion at Barton’s house extremely interesting and more egalitarian in terms of gender approach than I had expected. 713 more words

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Natasha Romanoff, Monsters and Agency – Part One

So, I went to see the new Avengers movie. I overall liked it. Some things I loved; some things I wish had been different. What I want to address now is how Natasha Romanoff was portrayed in… 902 more words

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Dancing with Cobain

Nothing makes you appreciate the ground like looking out the window of an airplane. It’s hard to ignore the fact there is less than 15cm of material separating me from the outside sky and at any moment technical difficulties can result in a lethal free fall. 1,255 more words

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The Great Villain Blogathon: Frankenstein and His Monster

There are some characters who, despite how old they are, despite how long ago their story began, always seem current, characters who we are constantly finding new ways to re-imagine. 904 more words

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I is for...Irena Dubrovna Reed

In 1942, Jacques Tourneur directed Simone Simon in an adaptation of Val Lewton’s short-story The Bagheeta. Lewton also produced the film, which was titled  802 more words

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