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Coming of Age in a New Age

Back in the 1980s, the John Hughes coming-of-age flicks became a fixture of the
Cineplexes. Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and others were embraced by the youth of that day – people the youth of today know as mom and dad. 499 more words

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Snowden - Review

An interesting voyage through the looking glass that never enters rough sea

By Jay Hunter Delving into the political wasteland of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks, Oliver Stone does his best to shed light on a relevant subject, hung to the backdrop of pretty landscapes. 262 more words


The Jump Scare Podcast: Episode 68 - Allied & I Am Not a Serial Killer


On this episode of the Jump Scare Podcast, Jay, Beth & Coxy review World War II spy-thriller, Allied as well as independent horror movies The Monster & I Am Not a Serial Killer. 62 more words


Doug Reviews: Allied (2016)

Allied, the new World War II spy story from Director Robert Zemeckis, seems to have gotten more attention from the tabloids than from film journalists. 763 more words


Doug Reviews: Moana (2016)

Media juggernaut Disney continues its dominance of the movie landscape with Moana. Does the film capture the Disney magic or does it just roll out with the tide? 762 more words


It All Adds Up

In the movie The Accountant, there’s a telling exchange between a parent whose child’s been diagnosed with autism and a clinician. The parent asks, “Can our son lead a normal life?” The clinician comes back with, “Define normal.” Autism is an umbrella diagnosis rather than a specific. 657 more words

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Doug Reviews: Bad Santa 2 (2016)

After years of hints and promises, Bad Santa 2 has finally arrived in theaters. Is it a great dark comedy like the original or should the filmmakers have just left well enough alone? 551 more words