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The Problem with Teen Characters Being Played by Adult Actors

Teen movies and TV shows are often the defining features of a generation. Think The Breakfast Club, Grease, Twilight, and now Riverdale… 591 more words


A Sci-fi/Fantasy Book to Catch [Likely the Inspiration for the Movie "Avatar]

An email from Portalist sent me off to read “Midworld” — likely the inspiration for the amazing 3-D movie “Avatar.” I don’t think I will ever forget the thrill of the helicopter rounding into the land of full-height islands floating in the air. 264 more words

The Meg (Review)

I was wondering how long it would take for Steve Alten’s novel, Meg, to become a movie. I’ve always liked sharks, and Jaws is one of my top 10 movies of all time. 510 more words


Just when You Thought it was Safe to go Back to the Cinema: The Meg - Review

*Spoiler Alert*

It is becoming a regular occurrence both in the cinema and on DVD to see shark films, be it a parody film or one with a more serious, but comedy narrative, as is the case with The Meg. 631 more words

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Review


So Ant-Man and The Wasp came out recently and although I did enjoy it the first thing I have to comment on is the obvious filler aspect of it. 941 more words

Guy Who Went On $100,000 Pyramid And Linked Obama To Bin Laden Hilariously Explains Mistake

If you haven’t seen this viral clip from the $100,000 Pyramid, please watch it below. The contestant, Evan Kaufman, was playing with Tim Meadows for $50k. 504 more words


Recently Watched on Netflix #2

Time for another recently watched post. I’m going to try to do one of these after every three to four movies I’ve watched. I might include shows as well, as I have some I’m currently watching. 786 more words

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