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WATCH: Madonna Admits Desire of "Blowing Up the White House" on Live TV

The Women’s March on Washington brought people from all across America to protest the Trump administration. Madonna referred to the event and it’s significant crowd as the beginning of a revolution. 131 more words


Product Placements, Perplexing

So, my wife and I sat down yesterday and did a movie exchange. This is where you both pick a movie that the other person really ought to see for some reason and then you watch them both so you can, you know, talk about them or other normal human stuff. 388 more words

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The Little Rascals Re-cut as Furious 7

Youtube channel</span>"> Trailer Mix has taken the footage from The Little Rascals and the Audio from The Furious 7 trailer and made an entirely new trailer and it is fantastic! 11 more words


J.K. Rowling Is Crushing Everyone's Dreams Of A 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' Trilogy

Rowling jumped on Twitter Friday Jan. 20, 2017 to deny rumors that a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie trilogy was in the works. 158 more words


Fans Are Both Nervous And Excited For The Upcoming Lifetime Remake Of 'Beaches'

Idina Menzel is feeling the pressure.

The singer/actress is taking over the reigns from Bette Midler as her famous role of CC from the film  154 more words


Finally! We See Bryan Cranston As Zordon In The New Power Rangers Trailer

Sure, it was cheesy TV in the 1990s,but it’s time to bring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into the 21st century.

With cooler suits, better special effects, and great actors…the Power Rangers are back! 81 more words


Check Out The Latest Trailer For Logan

Logan just might be the most anticipated X-Men movie of all time. And for a number of reasons. This will more than likely be Hugh Jackman’s last time to wear the claws. 104 more words