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Expedition Happiness? {movie review}

When the movie Expedition Happiness showed up on my Netflix menu, I of course watched it immediately, being obsessed with every possible expression of full-time or longterm vehicle living. 475 more words

Obsessed with the second Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

This trailer has only been out for about 24 hours but I’ve probably watched it 20 times by now. I was at work when it came out yesterday morning and I considered watching it when I got home in the evening, so I could give my undivided attention to each and every pixel. 967 more words


Thank God we didn't divorce every time we thought of it when times were harsh - IK Ogbonna’s wife

Sonia, the wife of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna just shared a piece on Instagram thanking God for giving them the resolve and strenght not to divorce everything they have thought of doing so. 164 more words


After Craig: should the next Bond be a period piece?

After Craig: should the next Bond be a period piece?

I’m sure this discussion has been asked before but I’d be intrigued to know everyone thoughts. 184 more words


Ready Player One Final Theatrical Trailer

Save the Oasis, save the world” as Warner Bros. and director Stephen Spielberg release the final theatrical trailer for the upcoming film Ready Player One… 230 more words