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How Ned Ryerson From 'Groundhog Day' Gave Radiohead Their Band Name

It’s hard to remember, but Radiohead used to not take everything so seriously. For instance, their band name comes from a song that appears on the soundtrack to… 358 more words


What I'd Watch 5/29/15

The summer movie season rolls on, as this weekend brings an epic disaster to movie screens.  As well as a Dwayne Johnson movie about an earthquake. 429 more words


Movie Night Friday - A Beautiful Mind

Good Day everyone and welcome to Movie Night Friday, where I list some of my favorite movies and why I love them. So today’s pick was actually not next on my list, but I decided it was a good time to include it since John Nash just passed. 509 more words


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Love in a Dish . . . And Other Culinary Delights by M.F.K. Fisher

“Love in a Dish . . . and Other Culinary Delights is an instructional manual on how to live, eat, and love brought together by prolific researcher and culinary enthusiast Anne Zimmerman. 262 more words


Aloha: Emma Stone "Allison Ng" LA Screening Movie Interview

Emma Stone talks about filming in Hawaii for “Aloha” and more.

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The New Flick Tomorrowland Can Surprisingly Relate to Everyone

Well, that’s because it’s about our future, something people don’t want to think about, let alone care.

Look, I entered that theater Sunday morning with my family, figuring that… 867 more words

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Paramount is Developing a Beyblade Live-Action Film

Paramount Pictures has a thing for turning Hasbro toys into profitable movies.

After their success with the G.I. Joe and Transformers series (and their failed attempt at Battleship), the next toy to get the silver screen treatment is… 131 more words