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Golden Gate Bridge: Movie Star

Yes it’s beautiful. Yes it attracts millions of tourists and locals a year for a picture or a glimpse. Naturally, it’s a movie star. Here’s some clips of the Golden Gate Bridge scene-stealing in the silver screen. ¬† 119 more words

San Francisco

Movie Fight Monday (31.08.2015)

The YouTube channel Screen Junkies host a show named Movie Fights. In this show, three contestants are put up against each other in a contest with movie based questions. 551 more words



I finally remembered to watch this movie. It’s a documentary and I love those. Telling real stories with real people. And even tho this isn’t the best technicaly, it does make one think. 238 more words


Liste des films Disney

With all due respect gentlemen. Usually, the movie\’s theme is the just same, having a slight tweaking in the plot, yet people keep coming back to watch. 633 more words


SEMBANG WAYANG: Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan

Mengisahkan seorang pemuda bernama Eren Yeager yang mempunyai kebolehan luarbiasa untuk membantu melindungi tempat tinggalnya dari serangan makhluk gergasi (titan). Dengan menyertai Scouting Legion, Eren berazam untuk menghapuskan semua titan yang telah mengancam dan memusnahkan kampung halamannya. 226 more words