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3Novices : Supergirl: Supergirl Lives Review & Discussion

The first half of Supergirl season 2 saw the series go through somewhat of a soft reboot thanks to shifting from CBS to The CW, as well as typical changes between seasons. 91 more words


3Novices : Harry Potter: What If A Cursed Child Movie Was Cast Today?

To the surprise of no one, the screenplay to the official eighth story in the Harry Potter franchise went on to become one of the best-selling and most talked about books of 2016. 90 more words


3Novices : Baywatch Character Posters: Summer is Coming

In terms of the many reboots and revivals that have been popping up throughout the entertainment industry over the past few years, one of the most interesting and unexpected is this year’s planned  103 more words


STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Has a Title! And a Unique Logo...

It seems that these days, the announcement of the title of a trilogy/saga/Skywalker-family Star Wars film is just as exciting as the first trailer. It’s at least the next best thing! 530 more words


Busy, I Am

Last week turned out to be a busy week, which means I tend to slip up on blogging. Tuesdays are spent driving SP to preschool, driving home to accomplish as many house chores as possible, driving back to SP’s school to pick her up, drive back home to feed both kids lunch, tuck in both kids for nap, during that time I eat lunch, complete quiet house chores/food prep, wake both kids, give on-the-go snacks, drive to gymnastics, feed LB/watch SP, drive/sit in traffic to go home, prepare supper/prepare LB’s formula, eat supper, give baths, tuck kids into bed, and finally look at my husband to determine our level of brain mush. 378 more words

12 Palestinian Films That Will Open Your Eyes

Art has become one of the greatest forms of modern storytelling and healing. For the Palestinian community in particular, films have offered a platform for their narrative to be told, while reminiscing  about “ 427 more words


Oscars 2016: Nominations Eve - My Absurdly Long Predictions Opus

I was going to kick off this post talking somewhat extensively about a movie that premiered right around this time last year, at the Sundance Film Festival, in the wake of the second consecutive year of all-white acting nominees and the resulting rise of #OscarsSoWhite. 11,656 more words